Vodafone Is Preparing Its Own Payment Gateway by NFC

That is, at least, what has just announced the American firm mobile commerce Corfire. The company, creator of the application of payment with NFC CORPAY It is working with Vodafone to supply one own payment gateway the global operator for this same 2013.

According to sources close to Corfire, the operator has as a priority provide a payment system to Android terminals NFC connectivity.

Corfire payment system allows all types of transactions by using NFC or not, as well as apply discounts, coupons, or buy tickets in means of transport. The Security and encryption payment methods can be stored in the terminal itself or, more probably taking into account that the customer is Vodafone, in the SIM.

And speaking of safety, another company called Gemalto and dedicated precisely to the encryption and security has confirmed the imminent appearance of the payment gateway also announcing its partnership with the Red operator.

The director of the division of Vodafone, Christian Wirtz, mobile commerce has confirmed the collaboration with both companies. Since the signing also have been pointed out by the new payment gateway is compatible with Weve, the project of payment with mobile being developed by Vodafone, Orange, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica O2.