Tuenti Updated The Android Application with New Design

Tuenti It is clear that Android is the mobile operating system that offers more traffic and potential users, and this is why they have decided to update your Android application to make it more pleasant. Its main functions include a redesign smaller, but equally remarkable, application, as well as configure notifications.

In the first place we find ourselves with the redesign, which is made more visual and simple, although the most important application continues to be the chat feature, which is where the application has its major focus. We can see the comments on status updates, both own and our friends, without having to directly enter a comment.

There is also a little more functional updates, such as the power to mention our contacts in moments and photos to leave a notice them. Also we can know in real time thanks to the notifications like photos and our States who.

The rest of news are dedicated to chat function, as they can whether a message has been read, not only sent, and can set up notifications of chats, groups, and can disable them should not interest us. Next to these developments has been also simplified the registration of new users.

However, a novelty that Tuenti is going to be implemented soon are those of calls VoIP, allowing to make calls with your contacts Tuenti. Obviously this is only possible if our data rate includes this type of traffic, being the OMVs the more permissive with this type of data traffic, while the big three have special conditions including an additional payment. Yet there is no date for this feature is open to all users, but they have confirmed that the developers are already making this functionality tests.

Social Tuenti Messenger Version 2.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Tuenti
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Lifestyle