Transportation in Yaroslavl, Russia

Transportation in Yaroslavl, Russia


It is most convenient to explore the historical center of Yaroslavl on foot – it is compact, moreover, at every step there are interesting sights, which are not very convenient to admire from the bus window. However, if you have covered enough kilometers and are not averse to using transport, buses, trolleybuses, trams, minibuses and taxis are at your service.

The most “tourist useful” route of Yaroslavl transport is trolleybus No. 1, which bypasses its historical center – from the railway station along Svoboda Street to the central Volkov Square and further to Red Square. Check jibin123 for customs regulations and visa requirements of Russia.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the “Tourist Tram” runs through the streets of the city. The tour starts from Sverdlov Street, and Chkalova Street will be the final stop. During the journey, the audio guide will tell passengers about the sights of the city: the history of Butusovsky Park, from which the movement will start, Karl Marx Square, the Gigant Club and the Solovyov Hospital. Those sights that no longer exist, for example, the Volga cinema, will also be mentioned. The cost of such a trip is 200 RUB.

According to Russian tradition, minibuses follow the route of buses and trolleybuses and will take you to the right place much faster. A trip by municipal transport or a minibus will cost 26-30 RUB, depending on the type of transport, and a taxi ride within Yaroslavl will cost from 150 RUB. A car can be ordered in Yandex, Uber, Citymobil, Maxim taxi services or by phone to any place in the city. The prices on the page are for September 2021.

During rush hours, Yaroslavl is in traffic jams: the main highways, built decades ago, cannot cope with the flow of traffic, and repair work and cars parked along the roads make traffic difficult. The most loaded central streets – Lenina, Pobedy, Sovetskaya, the entrance to the Oktyabrsky bridge.

Parking in the center of Yaroslavl is not easy: free parking lots are overcrowded, and there are still few paid parking lots in the city. You can leave your car for free at the railway station, on the Kotorosl embankment and on Sovetskaya Square, for 200 RUB per day – in the underground parking on Labor Square.

As an alternative to a car, local residents and tourists choose a bicycle, but they have to move along roads or sidewalks – there are bike paths only on embankments and some central streets. Bicycle rental points work on Lenina Avenue, st. Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya and Tereshkova, several points can be found on the Volga embankment.

Car rental in Yaroslavl

Renting a car in Yaroslavl is a good option if you are going to explore not only the surroundings of the city (for example, the Tolga convent in the village of Tolga or the Nekrasov House-Museum 15 km from the city), but also drive through the picturesque Yaroslavl region – to Myshkin, Rybinsk, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Uglich, Tutaev, Rostov the Great.

Starting in Yaroslavl, the popular tourist route Small Golden Ring includes a visit to Uglich, Myshkin, Tutaev and Rybinsk. It is convenient to break it up into three days with two overnight stays – for example, in Myshkin and Rybinsk.

It is convenient to rent a car on the spot, in the agencies of Yaroslavl – so you can assess the condition of the car even before paying. The cost of renting an economy class car starts from 1300 RUB per day plus a deposit of about 10000 RUB. Mileage is usually limited to 300 km per day, if you drive more, you will have to pay extra for each kilometer “over the norm”. Recall that people over 21 years old with at least a year of driving experience can rent a car.

What to bring

Colorful doused majolica ceramics, which Vrubel admired – one, bears in all, including those contrary to nature, variations – two, bells – three, felt boots – four, clocks from the legendary “Chaika” factory – five, finally, six – “natural product” in the form of “Yarpiva”, Poshekhonsky cheese (produced since the 1860s!) and as strong as the healing balm “Old Yaroslavl”.

Souvenirs from Yaroslavl are something warm, sunny and certainly very “winter”, so there is no need to buy the usual magnets. Artistic crafts and crafts of the Yaroslavl region are known far beyond the region. They embody many years of experience in the aesthetic perception of the surrounding world.

Artistic crafts

What can you bring? Rostov enamel, majolica and tiles from Yaroslavl, Gayutinsky painting. We will tell you more about the latter: this festive and elegant mosaic painting comes from the very north of the Yaroslavl Territory – Poshekhonye. Recognizable by small beaded patterns of flower rosettes formed by dots and petals. The composition is based on a tree-flower, a shoot that ends with a fruit with dots-seeds inside. The artists themselves say about the painting – “like cranberries in green moss.”

Where to buy

You can buy all this variety in the souvenir shops of Yaroslavl – the best choice is in the “multi-brands” at the sights, but you can also look into the “mono-brands”, for example, on Deputatskaya Street. For authentic local beer, it is better to go to the store at the Yaroslavl Pivo factory or to the company store of the Romanovskaya brewery, and for Poshekhonsky cheese and balm, go to ordinary supermarkets. The real “Seagull” is sold not only in the production shop, but also in the watch shops of the city – you definitely won’t run into a fake.

A notable feature of Yaroslavl is more than thirty ancient, rich, exceptionally beautiful churches and temples.

Transportation in Yaroslavl, Russia

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