The Nokia Lumia 630 Reappears Briefly, This Time by His Camera

The Sofica Speedcam online service allows you to assess the speed of a camera on a smartphone, and someone – we assume that an employee of Nokia – with a Nokia Lumia 630 “Moneypenny” used such a service.

That has allowed to confirm the existence of this model (with number RM-974) and will be Windows Phone 8.1-driven (in this case, by the compilation 8.10.12324.0). All indications are that both the Lumia 630 Nokia and Nokia Lumia 930 will be presented during the BUILD 2014 Conference which is held in April.
The Lumia 630 Nokia will have already commented specifications listed above, to which is added a 5 Mpixel without flash camera, confirming their orientation to the low-end.

According to the rumors that model will be accompanied of the Nokia Lumia 930, with codename “Martini” (with WP8.1) and that should follow the line of the 920/925, but improving probably paragraphs such as the processor and even the camera. April 2 BUILD 2014 begins, and will probably be then when we have much what speak in this regard.