The Most Beautiful Islands in the Andaman Sea

The Most Beautiful Islands in the Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea is, unlike the Gulf of Thailand, on the west coast of Thailand. It is home to many islands that are also suitable for island hopping. However, you should take a lot of time , as there are really a lot of beautiful islands to see here. Here, too, I have picked out the most beautiful and interesting islands for you.

Ko Phi Phi Island – Hollywood’s favorite

According to proexchangerates, Koh Phi Phi – also Ko Phi Phi – is a group of islands, including the two main islands Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Le . On Koh Phi Phi Le, the smaller island, there is the legendary Maya Bay, where the famous film “The Beach” was filmed. Of course you are never alone here as a visitor. In the past, boatloads of tourists came here every day and left their mark. The Thai military government is trying to prevent this kind of mass tourism, which is harmful to nature and the national park. The famous Maya Bay has been closed to holidaymakers indefinitely since June 2018 .

Getting to Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi can only be reached by ferry. This departs from Phuket or Krabi, for example.

The viewpoint on Koh Phi Phi Don is particularly legendary, from which one has a wonderful view of the beach, nature and the sea. However, it takes around 20 minutes to get to the top of the viewpoint. The climb is exhausting, but definitely worth it! Take a little picnic upstairs and make yourself really comfortable here. Due to the clear water around the island, you can also go diving on Koh Phi Phi very well. You only have to swim a few meters away from the beach and you’ll find yourself surrounded by colorful coral reefs. The boat can also be used to go to more distant diving areas if it is too crowded close to the beach. My tip: Charter a longtail boat and let yourself be taken to the remote and deserted beaches of the island, outside the main town of Tonsai, bring. Great beach paradises are waiting for you.

The most beautiful islands in the Andaman Sea

Ko Lanta – an island national park

Strictly speaking, Koh Lanta – also Ko Lanta – is located at the junction of the Strait of Malacca and the Andaman Sea and is not a simple island, but a double island. It is divided into Lanta Yai and Lanta Noi , with Lanta Noi being almost uninhabited. On Lanta Yai, on the other hand, there are numerous places and a well-developed tourist infrastructure.

Getting to Koh Lanta

The best way to get to Koh Lanta is by ferry from Krabi. The Thai island does not have an airport.

Both islands are part of the Mu Ko Lanta National Park . You can really indulge yourself in the local beach bars and the Thai cuisine is simply delicious here. How about, for example, a fresh fruit salad made from mango, papaya and pineapple and a Phat Thai with fresh vegetables and freshly caught shrimp? You can’t say no to that, can you? At dusk you can finally watch the strings of light from the shrimp and prawn fishing boats that go out to fish every night. They don’t come back until dawn. One thing is certain – Koh Lanta is definitely a Thai island to relax and unwind.

Coral Island – perfect retreat

Coral Island, also called Koh Hae / He , is about eight kilometers off the south coast of Phuket.

Getting to Coral Island

The small island can be reached on a day trip or by long tail boat.

Many small bays with colorful coral reefs invite you to dive and snorkel . A long, snow-white sandy beach is the best place to enjoy the relaxed holiday feeling. Compared to Phuket, Coral Island is still an insider tip for tourists. Who knows, now that you know this wonderful island , maybe your next trip will go there too? Incidentally, the island is particularly empty in the morning and in the evening, when most of the day tourists have left again. If you book one of the few small bungalows here, you can enjoy the tranquility before and after the tourist rush and experience a romantic sunrise or sunset on the beach.

Phuket – The perfect island for beginners

In a list of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, one must of course not be missing: Phuket. The largest island in Thailand is no longer an insider tip, but a holiday is still worthwhile, especially for beginners, because there is hardly any other Thai island where the tourist infrastructure is as well developed as on Phuket.

Getting to Koh Samui

Phuket can be reached easily and several times a day from all airports in Southeast Asia and also directly from Germany. Flights go, for example, from Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Krabi. Alternatively, you can also travel by ferry from the mainland.

The Patong region is the tourist center of the island and offers numerous beaches as well as shopping and party opportunities. Those who like it less turbulent should rather vacation in the southwest of Phuket. Kata Beach and Karon Beach are dreamlike beaches that have so far been largely spared from mass tourism. In addition to these two beaches, you will of course find other gems where you can relax away from the crowds and enjoy your vacation in Thailand to the fullest. In my Phuket tips you will find more inspiration and insider knowledge for your vacation.

The most beautiful islands in Thailand

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