The IPhone Is Already Is Here, What We Can Buy in Android with The 489 Euros That Costs Your Model Base?

Now that Apple has been in plan cheap with the confirmation of the leaked iPhone than, in Xataka Android wonder What we can buy for the money on this side of the market for smartphones, without losing sight that face these two worlds is still a task that goes beyond the numbers.

The iPhone is a compaction of what have been so far Apple phones based on technology last year to achieve one lower cost. Takes the powerful SoC A9 or 12 and 5-megapixel iPhone 6S cameras but neglects functions as the 3D Touch. However, in a display of just 4 inches, very small by current standards and with costs that should be reflected in a price that is not any gift.

Even so, we say that it is cheap in comparison to what you asked Apple for each of their models brand new, but those 489 euros for your basic model -final price announced for Spain at its launch in April – they are above most of similar proposals in Android, and similar is in italics because really there any other compare this iPhone is in all the Android catalog, Since there are 4 inch high-end smartphones on the platform of Google.

Be that as it may, we have turned a what there currently in the Android market, and this is Spotlight we have found always quality and good performance starting at prices in line with what Apple’s new.

The high end of 2015 reduced

On the one hand, we can opt for search for the high end of 2015 that have already dropped in price. Since the successors have already begun to appear, with that money is easy to get your hands to Smartphones of proven quality which occasionally are already halfway through its introductory price.


The South Korean company has not yet released his replacement, which does not arrive until April, but LG G4 already takes a time to less than 400 euros to 700 euros for what went.

Very well provided and light, almost small, for their 5.5 inch compared with those of its segments, this smartphone convinced us by your screen, despite the processor performance and, above all, his camera. In design there are debate by the choice of materials and their back buttons, which I like but who is not customary. And the LG layer at the end becomes too heavy.

At Amazon for 365 euros

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Here is an Android with a similar concept. A version of reduced size but features almost identical to the of his older brother, that is 1GB of RAM, and some resolution that tries to compensate for the difference in screen.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is a small machine, although somewhat chubby, with a very nice design and great ergonomics if what is sought is a small phone. His 4.6-inch screen is just HD and but displays a good amount of ppi and a fantastic lighting.

At Amazon for 402 euro

Looking to China

The second possibility consists in search for an Android smartphone of the very latest technology and try to bring it from China. That means that its price is affordable (if you get it clean, without intermediaries or customs), in Exchange for collateral risk and suffer the lack of adaptation of its interfaces and their versions of the operating system. In addition, there the high range is also becoming increasingly more expensive.

Xiaomi Mi5 Pro

This is one of the few terminals 2016 you will be able to buy with less than 400 euros and a complete equipment. The most powerful version of the Xiaomi Mi5 premieres in his country by 2,699 Yuan, about 370 euros to change.

SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, finished ceramic on a beautiful design, camera with image stabilizer 4 d, lighting system of selective pixel for good fast loading capacity and a very low weight, 129 grams. At the moment, we could not test this version, only the Basic, but all that sounds very good.

And eye which by some 200 have been released revision Xiaomi Mi4S with just first level and the even cheaper 4 c fingerprint reader.

Meizu Pro 5

The alternative more expensive if you look from the point of view of the European distribution, but that it can be cheaper if it achieves a good import. We’re talking about up to 100 euros of difference for the same models, but with the risks involved and what little they like the manufacturer.

Conceptually, the Meizu Pro 5 is a product the iPhone is very different because we are talking about a phablet 5.7 inch with FullHD resolution. Mounted a Samsung Exynos 7420 Octa Core 1.5 GHz processor more GPU Mali-T760, accompanied by a RAM of 4GB and 64GB of storage. Its design is extremely simple, and that coupled with his size gives a feeling that like or dislike radically buyers.

At Amazon for 488,47 euros

The super middle class

The last option is to go for one of the so-called direct rivals iPhone 6S, known as super middle class. This segment has finished exploit in recent months offering a combination of hardware first level, good finishes, materials of first and some lack in extras to compensate for the price.

For these two examples, we have chosen two models who have so much quality as the rest and also cost less than half, although they are rather far from offering Apple.

Honor 7

This rebranded Huawei has been one of the surprises of the last few months, especially if you consider what offers and what it costs. It is in the range that the Chinese giant was unveiled before becoming popular.

The 7 honour is what had to be the Nexus 5 X but with a layer of software loaded and very heavy. Outside has captivated us, with its metal body, FullHD screen that suffers a little exterior and its customizable side button. Inside, the Kirin 935 HiSilicon gives a higher performance chips from MediaTek and Qualcomm employees in the middle range and its 3GB of RAM allow keep alive all processes.

At Amazon for 229 euros

OnePlus 2

At first I thought the OnePlus X as a candidate for this category, but then I thought that even with the 2 OnePlus we are below in the price range we can aspire to a slightly better hardware, albeit somewhat more old.

It is true that there are certain resquemor with the company because this good hardware is not receiving the care it deserves and that there are a handful of bugs as the grip and warming. But the performance Oxygen OS takes its Snapdragon 810 and its 4GB of RAM is simply sublime and materials and production values are noticeable as in the rest of the high range that really belongs by components, not by price.

In OnePlus for 345 euros

As I said at the beginning, these are just a few of the models that you can buy for less than the cost of an iPhone is. But there are many more that they are still good alternatives, both high-end “yesterday” super middle class. I remember the P8 Huawei, HTC One A9, Lenovo Zuk Z1, unnoticed Weimei We plus and even now you can get a Samsung Galaxy S6 by something less than 500 euros.

As insurance that other alternatives will occur, I hope to hear them in the comments section.