The Copy and Paste of Effects and Filters Comes to VSCO Cam Was Last Updated

I started editing photos on Android with Snapseed but I admit that since he left VSCO Cam I haven’t it use. Update after update It has improved, not to mention with the packs of filters that take off from time to time. Now, at last, have brought a function that many wanted: Automated photo editing.

Let’s be honest, many of the adjustments we make to photos end up being identical to (removing the aesthetic effect of filters) and make this process faster saving us time seeing picture after picture. Therefore, from today desde hoy mismo himself already can “copy and paste” the adjustments we have made to each photo for use in multiple images instantly.

Automate basic processes of editing

The process is such that as well. Edit a photo (filter more settings) and then the configuration is saved. When you click on a photo to open the Edit menu and share, we will have a new icon that will allow us to copy these settings. Done that, we are going to another photo and repeat the process only as this is the time to beat.

The truth is that it is quite convenient and saving us much time, especially for classic exposure and contrast settings. The good news is that once we’ve stuck them can enter each photo and make further adjustments if necessary. At the moment have been testing it a little (has left update today) and the function is useful but we will see what such day to day.

The update doesn’t have any cost. You know that the application itself has been free and the only thing that we have to pay are some of the filters. Considering what we can do with it, and the effects achieved, it well worth making a small investment. So you advantage the three euros that was giving PayPal.


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