Meet the Best Applications Cycling and Fitness

There are more and better programs available for cyclists. These programs are not only the location and speed, but also has many more features. For example, in case the bike is app Co-Rider advice broken. The apps Endeavour and cycle times, it is possible to keep the fastest in yourself and friends. All of these programs can be downloaded in various app stores, such as iTunes. Cycling is a popular sport in the Netherlands. There are hundreds of thousands of amateurs who in the spring does with their racing bikes back to work to work hard in the state. There are about fifteen thousand people involved in serious competitions. The Netherlands has a hundred professional cyclists who are employed by various national and international teams. Even on TV a lot cycling seen, despite the recent doping. Tour de France can count every summer for more than a million viewers.

The Best Apps For Cycling

Apps for Cycling

With the rise of smartphones also more and more applications available for cyclists. There is also suitable equipment is available that allows smartphone like the iPhone, can be taken without this annoying in the way.There are also headphones available that are well maintained during exercise. Nothing is more annoying than fumbling with ears when you exercise. Here is a list of the most popular cycle apps.


Strive for cyclists what Nike Running is for runners. It is the most common application of cyclists. This popularity is partly explained by several riders were very excited about the cycling app and started using it myself. The app makes it possible to track their own performance, but also the other riders. The app works with a GPS system, so you know exactly where you are appointed. Among the different slopes are world app that the fastest ride upward. That person can call penalties than the King of the Mountain. Another common application for tracking time is Safe Traffic Netherlands was already worried about programs Strive because they are dangerous.Cyclists would be particularly busy to watch their speed on the odometer, and no longer on the road.

Meet the Best Applications


Co-Rider is an app that is relatively popular in the Netherlands. The app is also designed by the Dutch. There is a navigation system for cycling. It works just like TomTom device. One important difference from many other navigation apps is that Co-Rider also mapped all roads. When a bike is not in doubt is also displayed in the app.When a turn is missed, making the app a new calculation. Co-Rider and Strive is true that the basic version is free.To supplement must be paid.

Bike Doctor

Bike Doctor is an app that helps maintain the cycle. The app shows the whole cycle works and how certain parts of the bike are organized. The app has many pictures. This is useful for bicycle needs repair, but the rider does not know exactly what is wrong and how it can be repaired. The app is updated regularly. This application must be paid, ie 4.49 euros.

Meet the Best Applications Fitness

ANWB Cykling

This application is particularly suited for the recreational cyclist. It contains the existing ANWB routes. The app is compatible with iOS system. Another app that contains many cycle paths Bike! ONE.

Find courage and willingness to start practicing a physical activity is not always easy, especially for anyone who is already some time ago stopped. More difficult still is able to maintain the pace and not give up. But it need not be so. If you are the type that need an extra incentive to leave the laziness, use technology in their favor and have on hand the best applications fitness.

Currently, there are many options in a variety of applications that assist in the practice of the exercises, in whatever modality you practice. Has for all tastes, styles and goals.

Meet the Best Applications Fitness2

Best apps fitness

Thinking about it, we have made a selection of the apps most used by IOS users and Android for you to download on your mobile phone and do not leave the training for later.

Nike+ Running

The race is one of the exercises most suitable for maintaining the shape, to ensure the physical condition and take care of the cardiovascular system. This is one of the most used applications in the world. The app is a great ally for runners, by making a map of the runs and record distances, time and pace. It is a way of keeping track of the performance and the improvement is gradual.

Meet the Best Applications Fitness5


This app is considered one of the best options for those who need a little extra help to keep the diet in day. When registering, you tell your age, weight, height and other data, in addition to include your objective and goals to be met. From there, it works like a journal, where it is possible to include everything consumed during the day and receive the nutritional facts of each item (total carbohydrate, protein, fat, calories, and vitamins, among other nutrients).


If you want to exercise, but with the freedom to make it at any place and time that you want, this is a great option. The Freeletics goes exercises easy to perform, without the need of the use of equipment. It is still possible to have access to the performances of other users and thus be able to compare with your.

Meet the Best Applications Fitness3


As well as Nike, Adidas also has an app to call their own. But the great advantage of miCoach is that it is not just for runners. The app has more than 400 exercises of strength and flexibility to the user in any place and even has a special playlist to leave the training more excited.


If you practice running or cycling, this is another app that worth to download. For the audio, it gives information about the user’s progress with every mile and the distance that remains to achieve the determined goal. It is still possible to compare your result with your friends that also have the app on the mobile phone.