T-Mobile G1 Unlocked, But Loses Important Features

It was inevitable, but have taken less than expected, the T-Mobile G1 has been on the market just a week and have already managed to liberalize phone operator T-Mobile.

Unfortunately, the discoverers will use find to make money with it, because if you want to unlock the terminal, you have to pay 22.99 dollars. Good pay and send the IMEI code of the device, which is needed to generate the 8 digit code which liberalizes the phone allowing that the T-Mobile G1 operate on any GSM network in the world.

The first tests are accompanied by very negative results, while calling for voice and SMS messaging features work properly on alternative networks, it is not possible to connect to Gmail or the Android Market, which limits the interest of an operation of this type.

Make it clear that the tests are being conducted in the U.S., where the terminal operates in the bands 1700 and 2100 Mhz, using the first 3G network as of T-Mobile, This means that this possibility is lost when using it with the operator AT & T. In the European case of 3G networks, work well in the band of 2100 Mhz.

From Google any concern has not shown, but hurry taken for unlocking the device, though honestly I don’t see the usefulness of this operation in a market as the US is impressive. Not just for the important features that are lost, but that I am sure that in a few months Android It will be extended by other operators.