System Touch ID Reach 5 IPad Despite Behave Erratically

Is expected on October 22 this Apple the new iPad 5 e mini iPad second generation, and in both cases the Cupertino company could integrate as one of the novelties of these devices the sensor of fingerprint Touch ID.

This inclusion is debatable given that many 5S iPhone users are complaining of erratic behavior that has generated many questions on this type of biometric system.

Apple support forums are full of messages from users not getting the fingerprint sensor to operate them as it should. Some have even gone to the Apple service and have commented solutions there have given them. For example, the make process of registration of our fingerprint in a very accurate way that precisely lidia with the usability of the system.

In fact, this form of register fingerprints It doesn’t guarantee a better performance of Touch ID in all cases, which calls into question the real utility and validity of this technology, whose security is also possible to break with a method that is accessible to the public.

In fact, a PolarB survey indicates that more than 20% of the 5S iPhone users – if the data is legitimate – consider that the sensor Touch ID does not work as it should. We’ll see if Apple manages to correct the problem through an update of your software, but certainly one of the highlights of the 5S iPhone seems to have declining relevance.