Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2: Test the Clever Wrist Watch

While all the world is still awaiting the first Smartwatch von Apple, Sony is already the second smart watch with touch screen. The SmartWatch is currently to have a street price of less than 150 euro 2 SW2 and alluring enough even without intelligent features for Sony fans: especially the version with metal bracelet makes a significant and robust impression. But what makes the alarm clock to the Smartwatch?

Block or elegant?

At the exterior of the SmartWatch 2 SW2 differ in the Newsroom the spirits. It is larger than the predecessor, but with 42 time length times width 41 mm and 9 mm-thick also no giant some rugged men’s watch is greater. A matter of taste is the angular design that is more reminiscent of a clock as rather on the iPod shuffle. The clock alone weighs 23.5 grams, with the massive black stainless steel bracelet together the scale at 122.5 grams comes to a stop.

The metal strap resists very well with a metal pin scratch attacks, but it has a clasp. If you have particularly slender wrists, will have to be at the watchmaker remove some links. In the same expensive silicone bracelet variant with Tang buckle, there is not this problem. By the way there in seven colors. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy gear the SmartWatch is 2 SW2, dust and splash-proof, she survived even longer dip without damage.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 under the magnifying glass

Watch with apps

The basic settings can be done without a Smartphone: set time and date, alarm time set and change the look of the dial that feel the same way. But that’s why you buy no Smartwatch.

At the factory, the Smartwatch2 SW2 is not particularly smart. It is only with a few apps filled. Only in conjunction with an Android Smartphone (from 4.0) land more apps on the clock. With an iPhone, the Sony SmartWatch can not pair 2 SW2. Connecting designed for Android smart phones with NFC chip easily: keep watch on the NFC chip, ready. All other data flow via Bluetooth radio. Register as Smartphones without NFC via Bluetooth as a headset. That worked in the test easily.

The next step: from the Google play store the free app smart connect on your Smartphone download. Thus searching the special apps that are optimized for the small screen of the watch from Google’s app offering. Very many of these apps are a kind of remote control or mini peephole for functions or apps that already run on the phone. So, there’s a special Runtastic version that shows only the most important data. Overall, the app offer is but manageable.

Samsung Galaxy gear


For some apps, not only verbiesterte critics ask for meaning: so, calls can be assumed with a clock app. But: Do you can the talks only with a headset linked to the clock because the clock itself has neither micro nor speakers. The company directly at the push of the button on the headset should be easier. Anyway nice: You can see who is calling.

Also for other apps is the basic shortcoming of this device class significantly: due to their naturally small screen, the clock is only a kind of peephole for what is happening in the main in the Smartphone. The Google mail app, and even address and heading of the message, but no more than four or five lines of the text shows though so how many mails are unread in the Inbox. Reloading of the rest? Can’t do that. So you have to read again the mobile rummage out.

Sony’s decision, the display with four centimeters diameter and 220 is very clever, however, to keep even 176 pixels resolution Transflective technology. It is easy to read even without switched lighting. To do this, the display uses the ambient light as the light source, which incidentally improved the readability in very bright ambient. Dark areas seem although without active clock light bluish, but don’t mind.

The battery life is quite suitable for everyday use. With the E-Mail notification, occasional use of the remote control for your music player and reading the clock in the dark, she lasted four days in the test and was downloaded via supplied micro USB cable in no time. A power supply makes Sony of the watch but not at.

Conclusion: Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2

The Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2 is most likely to see as a small secondary display for Android smartphones. It has significantly leaner than the Samsung Galaxy gear of the same device class, which limits their smart functions from the outset. But to please know battery life as well as the Smart Display concept. Who is no more than a remote second display with the most important data and a few remote control functions requires, makes with the Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 nothing wrong.