Sights of Hamburg, Germany

Sights of Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany after Berlin. Within Germany it is the most important port city. Also on a European level, the port of Hamburg is one of the largest ports on the continent. Hamburg’s logistical role makes Hamburg an important trade center as well. Tourists will mainly visit the inner city of Hamburg, where you will also find the old warehouses that have increasingly been assigned a different function these days.

Hamburg ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. St. Nikolai
The official St. Nikolai church is in ruins. This is popularly called the Nikolaikirche. There is often confusion with the Hauptkirche of St. Nicholas. The St Nikolai was largely destroyed in the Second World War. This church tower with a size of 147 meters was once the tallest in the world. Today it is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

#2. Bridges
According to Be Healthy by Tomorrow, the city of Hamburg lies on the river Elbe. It is therefore not surprising that the city has no fewer than 2300 bridges. Here are a number of small, but also very large bridges. A few well-known bridges are the Köhlbrandbrücke, Kattwykbrücke, Norderelbbrücke and Feenteichbrücke. The first tunnel to pass under a river was built in Hamburg. This is the Alte Elbtunnel which was constructed in 1911 under the Elbe. Take a nice cruise on the Elbe and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the city and its beautiful bridges.

#3. Hamburger Kunsthalle
This art museum is spread over three locations that together have an area of ​​approximately 13,000 m². You will find the Kunsthalle on the Glockengießerwall. Different aspects of art are discussed. For example, there is a lot of attention for art from the 19th century, but also classical modern art.

#4. Speicherstadt
Literally translated means Speicherstadt, city of warehouses. This area of ​​the city has a lot to offer when it comes to theatre, art and architecture. Several museums such as Miniature Wunderland, the Afghan Museum, the German Customs Museum or the International Maritime Museum can be found here.

#5. Rathaus
One of the most beautiful buildings in Hamburg is the town hall which is located in the center of Altstadt. It was built between 1886-1897 after the previous one burned down in 1842. The building has 647 rooms and is therefore not inferior to a large palace such as Buckingham Palace. Concerts or exhibitions are regularly held in the lobby.

#6. Hamburg Hauptbahnhof
This very large train station of Hamburg handles at least 450,000 passengers a day and is therefore one of the busiest in Europe. In the station is a shopping center, restaurants, pharmacy and a gallery on the top floor. Since 2008, classical music has regularly played through the Hauptbahnhof with the aim of driving out drug dealers and users. It turns out to be a success. You will find this station in the Hamburg-Mitte district near the Deutsche Schauspielhaus and the Hamburger Kunsthalle.

#7. Sankt Pauli
The nightlife area of ​​Hamburg is largely located in ‘der Kiez’. You will find it in the Sankt Pauli district of the city. There is a lot of entertainment here, especially in the famous Reeperbahn street, which is known as a red light district. There are also many theaters in this area, including the St. Pauli Theater and museums. In the side streets of the Reeperbahn you will find the small bars and clubs.

#8. Deutsche Schauspielhaus
The beautiful Schauspielhaus theater in neo-baroque style is located on the Kirchenallee in Hamburg. Portraits of Shakespeare and Grillparzer have been incorporated into the facades. Both classical and contemporary works are shown. Opposite this theater is Hamburg’s majestic central station.

#9. Elbphilharmonie
A very special piece of architecture can be found in Hamburg’s new concert hall. The exceptionally rare appearance attracts quite the attention in the middle of the port of Hamburg. The building not only has three concert halls. It also has a hotel, catering facilities and a spacious parking garage. The beautiful whole was designed by Herzog & de Meuron and stands on the site of an earlier warehouse. This couple is also responsible for the Allianz Arena (swim ring) stadium in Munich and the beautiful Prada store in Tokyo.

#10. Fish market
Every Sunday there is a large fish market in the harbor. In the summer months, this market starts at the crack of dawn, namely at about five in the morning. Several market vendors price their wares with loud shouts and sometimes singing. In addition to the fish, you can also buy flowers, fruit and various souvenirs here.

Hamburg, Germany

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