Samsung Ativ Tab 3 Test: Mini Office for on the Go?

The Ativ tab 3 is Windows 8 installed the update to 8.1 runs then the Windows store. Prerequisite is that all updates for Windows 8 were rolled out, otherwise the store does not display the update tile. There are Office 2013 in the home & Student Edition. That comes with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but is missing the E-Mail program Outlook.

Processor power

Windows on the tablet can run a PC processor is needed. A model of Intel’s Atom series is used in the Ativ. The atom Z2760 runs with maximum 1.8 gigahertz and has two computing cores, which can but twice thanks to Hyper-Threading technology. A trick of the atom from the larger Intel processors looked up. For Tablet-ratios, the atom processor is really fast. In the usual use, as retrieve emails or surf the Internet, there are hardly any waiting time. Also with Office you can work quickly on the Tablet only in very large tables is something tough.

The best tablets

Leaderboard: tablet computer

No full-HD screen

Works of ten-inch monitor with 1366 x 768 pixels. Since other tablets show considerably more pixels: Apple’s iPad with retina nexus 10 of four has, for example, three megapixel, the Google built also by Samsung. For traditional Windows programs, the lower resolution but rather is an advantage. For so menus and program icons are still readable. With a much higher resolution, they would be hard to detect. Fürs video watching rich 1366 x 768 pixel loose even full HD video (1920 x 1080 pixels) on the Ativ very sharp represented. The screen is unfortunately something dark: 350 candela per square meter is the maximum brightness. That’s enough only for use in the House. Outside, you can see only the reflections on the screen.

pen, finger or buttons

At the Ativ, there are two alternatives to the conventional touch operation. Already, a plastic pin inside the tablet. About the X to close window herkömmichen Windows programs can be hit much easier than with your finger. A keyboard which docks via Bluetooth radio on the Tablet is in the supplied case. The keys are smaller than with notebook or desktop PC, you get used to it but rather quickly. Thanks to precise attack, it types very afloat.

Conclusion: Samsung Ativ tab 3

The Samsung Ativ tab 3 is a fast, but pretty expensive tablet. The case with built-in keyboard is really handy if you write much. The PIN helps in the operation, especially for traditional Windows based applications. For 700 euros, you get also a Ultrabook with Windows and Office.

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