Sales of The IPhone 5S and 5 C Compared to Other Smartphones

Apple announced yesterday that its new iPhone 5 c and 5S had sold 9 million units during the first three days of availability. The figure represents a new milestone for a company that has taken advantage of the joint launch and other factors such as its launch in China.

Horace Dediu, responsible for the reputed Asymco website, has published a comparison where you can check What was the pace of sales of these new smartphones compared with other iPhone and other models on the market in previous releases.

The graphic standard to offer a vision of the units sold per day during the first few days (in almost all cases the three are taken into account first days of availability), gives a clear idea of how the new iPhone have beaten all records, nearly doubling the success of the iPhone 5 for example last year.

Dediu points out however that China (including Hong Kong) has had a particularly significant impact in those numbers, and that without them the 80% increase with respect to the iPhone 5 would be an increase of 29%. Only the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can compete with the releases of Apple, but again, the iPhone 5S and 5 c figures are spectacular.