Runtastic Is Anniversary and Gives Us The Version Pro of Application June 14

Runtastic has long been on Android, but until just a few days ago one was in one of the most select clubs in Google Play: application recommended by the editors. A pedigree of quality that only are the best apps that we find. To celebrate its entry (and the Material Design club also) have decided to give the Pro version of your application.

The application is composed of two payment services: one for the Pro version of the application (5 euros) that unlock us some functions and eliminates us advertising banners. In addition, it also has a monthly (or annual) subscription where we can further expand the possibilities. This time what they give us is the first thing that, all told, is a nice touch.

To unlock Runtastic Pro free download, the first thing we have to do is download the free version of Google Play, have it at this link. Done, we are going to the application’s configuration menu and look for the option Runtastic. Inside, click on redeem code and write (all in uppercase and with script): FREE-NOW.

If we have done well, the following will be to restart Runtastic to enjoy Pro options. Applies to the above the account that you have linked, You can uninstall it and return to Pro with the free version, in case that we have to restore our Android factory or we move on to other devices, don’t worry about that.

At this point Runtastic does not need great presentations: it is one of the applications to make exercises more complete and this, in particular, is geared more to run. Eventually, to its around has grown an ecosystem with more specific apps to exercise muscles: buttocks, legs, abdominal…