Release of Nokia BB5 with Non-Key X – SIM

Although the BB5 protection system of Nokia you already have a few years old, it has been one of the most headaches given hackers. Until not long ago, there was no choice but to use the codes of operators, payment or after end the stay, or send the phone to Yugoslavia to the uncle’s House left. Does thing of a year that began to go on sale release boxes, although its high price and the need to use test-points on some models, there is many shops that are dedicated to free mobile with BB5.

I have learned now that, as is the case with the iPhone, there is Non-Key X – SIM, a special card “made in china” which allows you to skip checking the operator lock code. It is not a permanent unlock the life, but to join the X-SIM with SIM card, the phone gives it validates and enables us to use it. The X-SIM is proven in Spain with models of Nokia as the 6131, 6300, N73, N80, and N95, running on beginning with mobiles with DCT4, DCT4 + and BB5 protection.

Using the X-SIM the phone can be used with all operators, though, including Symi and Telstra must disable 3G mode, so it can be mobile and SIM card that is best to try before you buy. The X-SIM is available in some shops in Spain by about 30 euros, and directly on the page of the manufacturer for 30 dollars.

In my opinion all should buy directly your mobile free. If the operator wants to subsidize my “permanence” I’d rather do it with rates, advantages and useful services for eighteen months, before an apparent reduction in price, which, in the end, you end up paying every month.