Plan B: Vodafone Will Offer 10 GB Free on The Mobile in Case of Breakdown of The ADSL or Fiber

Despite having been an operator focused on mobile connectivity, Vodafone was forced in 2007 to buy Tele2 to begin offering their first rates converged, best known at the time as offers triple play, which would come a year later with two newcomers to the competition: the fixed was optional and included a USB router as backup in case of fall of the ADSL network.

With the passage of time, these advantages were disappearing as Vodafone was updating equipment connection to ADSL, so they left include a modem USB and therefore, the backup connection. But now Vodafone retrieves this advantage by framing it within your commitment to guaranteed satisfaction that if you are not satisfied with the 4 G, you are compensated with a free giga.

In new Plan B from Vodafone arrives to support connection to ADSL or fiber at home so that users with an incidence in the fixed net or delays in the installation to be placed in contact with customer service, can be compensated with a bonus of 10 GB on each of the mobile lines of contract.

The 10 GB will be valid for one week and renewable if you continue with the incidence both to compensate the increase of consumption do not have WiFi, as to be able share it with other computers using tethering. Lines that you enjoy the extra bonus of 10 GB will not consumed the megabytes corresponding to its rate until they are consumed 10 GB.

After joining of Plan B, the bonus of 10 GB won’t charge If you have problems with the band wide at home but this bond was already available since last summer at a cost of 10 euros for any client of a convergent offer Vodafone One along with other bonuses like the 50 GB monthly for 20 euros.