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Peru is best known as a travel destination for the fascinating Inca culture of Machu Picchu , the Sacred Valley and the city of Cuzco. But there is also the picturesque Lake Titicaca , the adventurous Amazon region and a multifaceted coastal region . In addition, the culinary capital Lima , the mystical Nazca Lines and the white city of Arequipa . Not to forget the touristic still quite undeveloped north of Peru , with sights such as the “cloud people” fortress Kuelap.

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National language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara

Foreign language: partly English

Capital: Lima, approx. 8.5 million inhabitants, 120 m above sea level.

Local time: CET -6 hours

Entry requirements: Valid passport (valid for at least 6 months) for stays of up to 90 days. Proof of return or onward travel documents and flight tickets.

Vaccination regulations: No vaccination required. Yellow fever is recommended when traveling to the Amazon lowlands.

Currency regulations : Currency unit: 1 Sol (PEN) = 100 Centimos

Recommendation: US $ bills. International credit cards and EC cards with Maestro symbols are partially accepted.

Power supply: 220 volts alternating current, 60 Hz., American plug

Best travel time: all year round, the Andes region is most beautiful in the dry season from May to October. In the Amazon lowlands there is a tropical, hot and humid climate all year round with abundant rainfall.

Food: Peru’s national dish is ceviche, raw fish cubes pickled with onions, chilli and lime juice. A lot of fish and seafood are eaten on the coast, many dishes are prepared with avocado and corn (e.g. tamales: spicy or sweet corn porridge wrapped in corn leaves). Everyday food is chicken or lomo saltado (fried strips of meat with vegetables), with rice or potatoes as a side dish. Holiday meal: Cuy (guinea pig); National drink: Pisco (grape brandy).

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According to, Peru’s capital Lima is by far the largest city in the country with around 8.5 million inhabitants. Most tours of Peru start from the international airport “Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez”. However, you should first stay in Lima, for example to see the old town, which is part of the UNSESCO World Heritage Site . Or the many other sights such as churches, markets, museums and monuments. The popular districts of Miraflores and Barranco invite you to try dishes from the famous Peruvian cuisine – from simple snacks to top restaurants, everything is represented here. Fish and seafood play a major role, including in the country’s most famous dish: “ Ceviche”. The main ingredient is raw fish, which is cooked cold with the help of lime juice.

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The city of Cuzco is located at around 3,500 meters in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes. It was the capital of the Inca and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the small alleys you can discover the fascinating buildings from the Inca period as well as well-preserved colonial-style buildings . But Cuzco has much more to offer: for example the picturesque artists ‘ quarter “Barrio de San Blas”, or the popular, typical Peruvian market “Mercado San Pedro”. The beautiful “Plaza de Armas” in the center of the city invites you to linger with a view of many sights. You can also visit the beautiful churches, for example the cathedral “Iglesia de Jesús Maria y José and Iglesia El Triunfo”. Not to be forgotten are the Inca fortress “Sacsayhuaman”, the Inca temple “Coricancha” and the Inca street “Hatun Romiyoc”.


Cuzco is the starting point for tours to the Inca ruins Machu Picchu, about 75 kilometers away. On the way there is the small village of Aguas Calientes in the Urubamba Valley , known for its eponymous hot springs . You can reach Aguas Calientes from Cuzco by narrow-gauge railway .



The north of Peru is not yet as touristically developed as other regions of the country. If you want to experience the absolutely original and authentic Peru , come here. Here comes those who want to see the Cahchapoya (“Cloud People “) – fortress of Kuelap . Or the Gocta waterfall , one of the highest waterfalls on earth. Or the city of Cajamarca, known for its beautiful churches and colonial buildings, hot springs and the colorful carnival. The small town of Huaraz is the starting point for tours into the “Cordillera Blanca”, which is also known as the “Himalayas of South America”.

In connection with northern Peru, one must not forget Iquitos, which is located in the Amazon rainforest . The city can only be reached by boat or plane; this is where rainforest expeditions and Amazon cruises start and end.

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