Pécs, Hungary

Pécs, Hungary

They say that there are cities that you don’t want to leave. In many of them, they even come up with special rituals for this: somewhere they throw a coin into the fountain in order to return, somewhere they touch the corner of the monument rubbed to a shine, and in the city of Pecs they hang locks in suitable places in order to then throw them away the keys to them. However, even without this, leaving the oldest city in Hungary is not at all attractive. Check it out yourself!

How to get to Pécs

According to clothingexpress, Pécs is located 200 km from the capital of Hungary, Budapest, in the southwestern part of the country. Getting to it is affordable, very simple and fairly fast. The slowest regular bus takes a maximum of 4 hours to reach its destination, and some routes promise to reach the destination in 3 hours. There are many buses, they leave the Budapest bus station every 2 hours from 6 am. But the schedule should still be studied carefully: in the late afternoon, the interval increases, and the departure time of the last flight may change. A full ticket will cost 12-17 EUR.

All flights to Pécs leave from the bus station in Budapest. Getting from it from the local airport is very simple: first you need to take bus number 200E to the final station, and from there by metro or any other public transport get to the Nepliget stop, where the bus station is located.

The prices on the page are for August 2021.

By train

A train from Budapest (Calati station) to Pécs will cost you 15-20 EUR, depending on which class you wish to travel. Travel time is up to three hours. Since the city is located in its location to the border with Croatia (only 30 km to this country), you can get there from there. The journey on the route Pecs – Osijek lasts 2 hours, trains run three times a day.

Pecs Hotels

The city is interested in the influx of tourists, moreover, which is especially pleasing, regardless of the thickness of their wallets. Everything here is focused on travelers with different financial capabilities, everyone can choose accommodation to their taste and afford. In Pécs, during student holidays (ideally July-August), you can rent a room in an empty hostel for only 15-17 EUR per night! Moreover, it will have a tidy bathroom for two rooms, a refrigerator, and even free parking and Internet access.

But hotels also do not frighten tourists with their cost. In many hotels, various promotions often take place, allowing you to rent housing at the most profitable. The Fenives Hotel even makes special, extremely tempting offers for those who are going to be in the city for various holidays or honeymoon trips there.

Cuisine and restaurants Pécs

Of course, here, as in all of Hungary, national dishes are amazingly prepared. They are recommended to try first. You can do this in many cafes and restaurants, where a three-course dinner will cost you 15-25 EUR. This is already considered expensive, but if we are talking about the Pezsgohaz Etterem restaurant, then you will not regret the money spent. The restaurant is located in the basement, which used to be a wine cellar, and looks extremely colorful. Well, it’s pointless to talk about the dishes themselves, you need to try. Just remember that vegetarians will have to stay hungry there!

It is better for them and all other sweet tooth to visit local cafes and pastry shops, where they can treat themselves to amazingly delicious cakes and cakes for a surprisingly good price, on average, about 2-4 EUR. Well, it is best to drink this splendor with hot chocolate (the one with hazelnuts in the cozy Cantabar or Virag Cukraszda is especially good). There is no shortage of cafes specializing in Italian cuisine, Asian cuisine, bistros, pubs (we advise you to try Hungarian beer) and bars (as elsewhere in Hungary, the most popular wine is Tokay).

Shopping and stores

Traditional Hungarian souvenirs have long and firmly become Tokay wines, salami, spices, of which paprika and red hot peppers are especially popular, marzipans, as well as leather goods in the national style and, of course, ceramic dishes. And on the last point, Pec is in the lead. Not without reason, one of the versions of the origin of the name of the city claims that it is precisely the kilns for firing ceramic dishes and famous local craftsmen that should be thanked for it. Be that as it may, it is absolutely impossible to leave here without the famous Zsolnay porcelain of a mysterious green color. You can buy products in Zsolnay Markabolt brand stores or in numerous antique shops and souvenir shops on Kirali and Ferenc streets. You can also buy authentic leather goods there.

Entertainment and attractions in Pécs

The cultural capital of Hungary, as its inhabitants proudly call their city, pleases tourists with a wide variety of attractions. Mostly historical – no joke, the city is more than 2 thousand years old! This is evidenced by the early Christian burial found during the excavations of the city, and numerous temples, the first of which was built in the 3rd-4th century. If you want to get to know the monuments of early Christianity in Pec, visit the mausoleum and the necropolis.

We advise you to do this with a guide, as part of a group (the story is in English).

Other famous sights of the city include the majestic Cathedral of St. Peter, with forged gates, green with time, which can be viewed endlessly. In this cathedral, the German Franz Liszt played the organ, who was so Hungarian at heart that the inhabitants of Pec erected a monument to him. The great composer stands on the balcony of the Bishop’s Palace (also worth the attention of tourists!), looking at the cathedral where he once played. The Gazi Qasim Mosque, often called the Church-Mosque, has become a real symbol of the city. This religious building in its history passed from the hands of Christians to Muslims and vice versa, and as a result, both the Islamic crescent and the Catholic cross now flaunt over the dome.

Those who are more interested in general history and interesting places also have something to do in Pec. For example, visit the Barbican bastion, or go to one of the museums, of which there is a whole block (including the Zsolnay Porcelain Museum, the Vasarely Museum, the Hungarian Art Museum and others), or get into the Mesztufa cave. Or you can just wander around the cozy streets of the city, admire the photo exhibitions that are often held on Section Square for free. Take pictures by yourself near numerous funny monuments, go to the local botanical garden or zoo, and just sit near the local fountains.

Pécs, Hungary

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