NVIDIA Logan and The Future of The SoC Tegra 64-Bit

It is the fashion trend: the emergence of the Apple A7 with 64-bit architecture has made to appear quickly reviews of other major players in the industry that hypothetical jump to mobile 64-bit micros.

NVIDIA has confirmed that its next platform will give that step. NVIDIA Logan It will have 64-bit support, and that bet is not actually new, since it was announced in the CES 2011.
In that fair NVIDIA announced that it had acquired the license for the Cortex A15 of ARM, but also which had acquired an 64-bit ARM architecture license, much more expensive and British designer of chips not given lightly.

As explained in Forbes, this type of license costs hundreds of millions of dollars, and involves a total commitment of the chip maker. Only a handful of companies are licensed from ARM architecture (among them are Apple, Qualcomm and the own NVIDIA), and all of them try to take advantage of those licenses with very advanced and differential designs.

NVIDIA Logan is in fact the project that happens to Denver, which was precisely the original initiative for the SoC of 64-bit of the company. Taking into account that NVIDIA has been working in this development from the end of 2010, It is more than likely that in 2014 the first products with the new 64-bit NVIDIA SoC. It is then when we can check if these solutions can compete with the Apple A7 and the most likely products that will also be in the hands of Qualcomm.