Nokia Confirms That Amazon Has Chosen Their Maps

Just announce the renewal of the mobile products of Amazon, among which emphasizes the Kindle Fire HD, but there are also new services and software that have not been revealing until days later.

Perhaps the most interesting comes in the field of the maps, which discovered us that they are served by Nokia. The Association to cover this service has been on the air for a long time, but has already confirmed.

Amazon dispenses of Google for this service, which could well have chosen as it has done with Android as the basis for your own system. Apparently don’t like Jeff Bezos guys be too dependent.

It was Nokia, in the mouth of his spokesman Sebastian Kurme, which has confirmed the rumor: Google Maps is the most popular choice, but Nokia has an alternative to the height in operation, as it has been demonstrated with Bing Maps and Yahoo Maps

Nokia Location Platform (NLP) is the name of the platform and technology that provides 200 countries maps, of which 100 are navigable, and according to Nokia, with the best maps for navigation vehicles. More than 20 years of experience endorse them.

Microsoft, Yahoo! and Amazon are a good company

In this way Nokia is a very important support to be strong in this field, which already has the support of Microsoft and Yahoo!. On the other side of the ring you have to Google, and an Apple which also is riding on your own.

Of course, we also find Nokia maps platform in Windows Phone 8, through services such as Nokia Drive. All these moves position without a doubt to the Finnish company in a good place to be a leader in the business.

Prepared development tools

Amazon has just announced their APIs to handle maps in future applications for the family of devices Kindle Fire. It offers tools for maps, sites and points of interest, guided navigation, and traffic management.

Nokia and Amazon support native applications, for both web applications through HTML5 (in beta). Amazon also provides tools for migrating APIs of Google Maps in Android, the Nokia.

The future look good with the Nokia option. Recently we told you about the progress that the Finns have in the world of 3D with guided navigation maps, and even navigation indoors, leading In-Location platform (Google is not it).