Name? Prada Would Last Names? Spring Geometry for 2013

Prada collections may be more or less like (I admit a faithful admirer of yours) but what is clear is that its hallmarks are recognizable leagues from distance: geometry in its purest when it comes to making the clothing, color wildly contrasting blocks and a very classic and androgynous silhouettes that contrast with a vintage that aspires to become something futuristic. All sounds very contradictory and, however, is what best defines the signature. With all of you, in Fantasy for the 2013 spring lookbook

Ramon von Roon and Friedrich Schaller models have been fetish chosen by Miuccia when transmitting in sense of the collection. Looks clearly have a inspiration collage in which the textures remain constant and prefers combining and contrasting colors with very basic background palettes in shades of creams, ivories and beiges, and blue electrical, red, yellow, or green emeralds as discordant notes in the whole.

The trenches as well as the poles they have been some of the garments that we have been able to catalog how basic collection. Italian collars contrasting with the body of the garment, bicoloured pants in electrical and basic tones and a generally very futuristic air style 70s reflected completely in the photographs chosen to show the lookbook. Only for hardcore lovers of the personal style of Prada, the rest will live without it, I’m sure.