Movistar Launches ‘Here I Am’, a Geolocation Service for Non-Mobile Phones

Movistar has just presented a curious called geolocation service ‘ Here I am & #8217;. We say curious because it does not depend on the user of the terminal does. ‘ Here I am & #8217; is family-oriented and consists in a system by which a parent or guardian can geolocate on the map up to a maximum of five phones subscribed to the service, so service should perhaps be called ‘ Ah! Are here & #8217;.

‘ Here I am & #8217; It is payment and your subscription will cost six euros a month. The operator customers who want to try will have the first free month.

‘ Here I am & #8217; It works with any mobile phone, Smartphone or not. The only condition is that MoviStar and is recommended to have GPS to improve accuracy. In Android and IOS you have to download one specific application and so it seems, the owner of the phone can choose if you want to be located or not to keep a certain privacy.

The user that manages the account of ‘ Here I am & #8217; You can check the ocalizacion of the family terminals from the website of the service or the mobile. You may also set alerts for locations via SMS arrive at a specific time to, for example, find out if the children have reached school. Messages and notices are included in the six euros service cost.

‘ Here I am & #8217; It has been developed in collaboration with Safely, the consumption of the Californian firm Location Labs division. In principle, ‘ here I am ’ is oriented to provide tranquility to families with children small or elderly, although doubts fit us on its use for other purposes such as to spy on the couple. You can hire the service already from the web.