Moneypenny Will Be The Next Nokia Lumia 635

It has already been a few days talking about the Moneypenny, codename for the next Nokia that supposedly has to appear on the market, and that it is safest that finished calling Nokia Lumia 630, and have a Variant 635.

We have about him is an image of the desktop, and some specifications that accompany it, as well as which can be deduced from it, as the 4 G connectivity. They tell us that one of the two models will support Dual SIM, no LTE connectivity.

Entering specifications, do not think it is a very large terminal, is the screen resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, so possibly be around four inches. But if we go by what we already have on the market, the Lumia 625 is the 4.7 inch, with similar resolution.

Will appear when this device Windows Phone 8? We have no idea, but it seems logical that the LTE version (635) to more advanced markets, and Dual SIM (630) go to emerging markets. If you see something new on the home screen, don’t comment on it.


Evleaks Tweets More Information About Upcoming Nokia …

Evleaks Tweets More Information About Upcoming Nokia ...