Malaysia Attractions

Malaysia Attractions

Hiking in Malaysia

Due to the variety of different vegetation and the variety in the mountain regions, Malaysia is an ideal country for trekking tours. Excursions into the cooler and rolling hills of the Cameron Highlands offer unforgettable experiences for both novice and intermediate hikers. In the Taman Negara National Park, tours of all levels of difficulty and in combination with rafting or boat trips are offered. More demanding are the mountain tours to Gunung Tahan at over 2000 m or to Mount Kinabalu. Here you have the opportunity to spend the night in the jungle and you can observe the nocturnal animals.

Gunung Mulu Caves

The largest underground chamber in the world is located in the Gunung Mulu cave system on Borneo and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A day tour through the Sarawak Cave, with a length of 108 m, is only recommended for experienced climbers. There are also some show caves to visit. Deer, Lang, Wind and Clearwater Caves are open to all visitors on a guided tour. The Melinau River flows through Clearwater Cave, providing refreshment. One spot for swimming is the Garden of Eden, a picturesque green pond near Deer Cave. It is fed by a 30m high waterfall. A highlight of the cave visit is in the late afternoon, when over three million bats go in search of food.

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Valley of Lenggong

Lenggong Valley is on the west coast of Malaysia. Excavations have shown that people lived here in the early days. The archaeological sites of Lenggong have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012. The rural area is surrounded by cliffs and many cave paintings, weapons, jewelry and skeletons bear witness to Malaysia’s centuries of prehistory. The archaeological sites can be found in the Gua Runtuh cave and look almost like an open-air museum.

Malaysia’s islands

Off the west coast of Malaysia are the islands with the best tourist infrastructure, such as Pankor Island. The interior of the island is covered with jungle and crossed by mountains. Pankor is characterized by fishing boats and many beautiful sandy beaches that stretch along the west coast. Island paradises that are less touristy can be found off the east coast. The islands of Tioman, Redang and the Perhentians offer scenic marine life and small, tranquil resorts. Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is located off Borneo. Therefore, the nearby islands, such as Sipadan, are considered to be the most beautiful diving regions in Malaysia. More exclusive resorts can be found on the islands of Gaya and Manukan.


In the late 19th century, German traders settled at the northern tip of Borneo, giving the city the nickname Kampung German. Today, Sandakan is a perfect base for touring the exciting sights surrounding Mount Kinabalu and offshore Turtle Islands National Park. In later years, many Chinese came, so the tranquil city is strongly influenced by Chinese. The Sandakan District is known for its eco-tourism attractions such as the Turtle Islands, the Kinabatangan River and the Orangutan Sanctuary.


One of the most beautiful cities in Malaysia is the city of Kuching, located in West Borneo on the banks of the Sarawak River. The modern and clean city is characterized by skyscrapers and offers its visitors many sights. On the north bank of the Sarawak River is the Astana White Palace, which serves as the governor’s residence. Also on the north shore is Fort Margherita, an ancient fortification built to protect against pirates. On the south bank you will find the Main Bazaar with many Chinese shops and the Tua Pek Kong Temple, the oldest temple in Kuching. One of the most beautiful museums is the Sarawak Museum, which brings the visitor closer to the way of life of the indigenous people.

Niah National Park

Hidden in the forests on Borneo’s north coast lies Niah National Park. It is characterized by swampy areas and huge limestone outcrops. Hidden in the beautiful landscape are the caves of Niah with their well-known Swallow’s Nests. Archaeologists have found evidence of human habitation going back 40,000 years. One of the caves contains ancient petroglyphs and the main cave consists of several large chambers. The park is easily accessible by car from the town of Miri.


For many visitors, the city of Ipoh is just a way station for onward travel north. A stopover in the former tin town is definitely worthwhile, as it has many sights to offer. Old trading houses in the old town bear witness to past prosperity. Colonial buildings worth seeing are the town hall, the train station, the Birch Memorial clock tower and the St. Michaels school building. Just outside of town is the magnificent plantation residence of Kellies Castle. The cave temples of Ipoh are also worth a detour. In the Perak Cave one can find wall paintings and some Buddha statues. A staircase leads to the cave roof, from where one has an impressive view of Ipoh.

Similajau National Park

On the west coast of Malaysia you will find the small coastal park Similajau 30 km north-east of Bintulu. Golden sandy beaches, countless good hiking trails and heathland and lowland rainforest are all to be explored. The small national park is less crowded with tourists and therefore offers nice and quiet accommodation. Guided tours to Turtle Beach or Golden Beach are available. Off the coast you can watch dolphins or take a hike through the jungle. You will see many tropical birds.

Similajau National Park

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