Lycamobile Advocates The Free Roaming with Interesting Bonds of Minutes, SMS and Data

Usually are with network operators that, after years taking advantage of the high cost of roaming, throwing bonds or rates that allow free or use in special conditions of our mobile in other European countries or even from other continents. and the virtual, by its limitations depend on the networks of third parties, or they have no offers as those or are scarce.

But today Lycamobile has taken a step beyond most of the virtual with the launch of voice, messaging and Internet bonds that in addition to be able to be used in Spain can be used without limitations in other 16 countries, not just European, since Australia and United States are also included.

In total there are six bonds, three voice and messages and three others that include data, which Lycamobile makes available to the travelers. Starting from 2.5 euros the virtual offers 50 minutes and 25 SMS valid for 30 days. Doubling the fee to five euros you get 120 minutes and 60 SMS while minutes and unlimited messages are obtained for 20 euros, an offer that does not have limits, that seems it so, it is really interesting.

Bonds that include Internet begin by the monthly 7.5, in Exchange for those who received 150 minutes, 50 SMS and 500 megs. Bonus data is kept for 10 euros a month, but it rises to 200 minutes and 100 SMS already for 20 euros a month bonus offer 400 minutes, 400 SMS and 2 GB of data.

Bonds are valid for Austria, Australia, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Italy, France, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Portugal, United Kingdom and United States. UU, although in the case of travel to France, Italy, Portugal and Norway is necessary to hire an additional bonus to make use of the data. If you exceed the consumption of minutes, messages or megs apply the rates in each country by default.

A big step in a virtual

As we have already mentioned at the beginning in this roaming with network operators were who sent so far. The truth is that despite being a virtual Lycamobile It has the advantage of being present in different countries, prices and conditions of their first bonuses valid for multiple countries are very interesting.

In addition Lycamobile bonds may be an interesting option for anyone who is not your customer, already that to offer prepaid is enough to make a SIM before departure and choose the bonus you want to access it, without any compromise. The only condition is to choose the Savings Plan as rate base, nor established any special condition or commitment of expenditure.

The competition for these bonds through bonds of Orange, 60 minutes or 100 megabytes for one euro a day in different countries, or the bonds of three euros per day of Vodafone, offering different amounts minutes or megabytes depending on the rate of the client, always with the obligation to have a contract with them. Although perhaps the real competition they would be the prepayment of the country to which we travel, that together with the bonds of Lycamobile are surely the best choice for rooms that will lengthen beyond few days.