Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

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The Lincoln Memorial in central Washington is dedicated to the 16th President of the United States – A. Lincoln. This great American leader was head of state during the North-South Civil War of 1861-65, he believed in democracy and citizen freedom and supported the liberation struggle against slavery.

The memorial complex, located on the National Avenue of the capital, is one of the 10 most visited buildings in the country, it is visited by more than 6 million people a year, it is depicted on the 5 USD banknote . The mausoleum is built in the style of an ancient Greek temple with a colonnade, in the center of which stands a monument to Lincoln. There is no exhibition in the memorial, people come here to pay tribute to one of the most revered political figures in the United States and feel the spirit of democracy and freedom. See acronymmonster for nickname of Alabama.


Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by opponents of his policy, and in 1865 citizens grateful to him initiated the construction of a memorial in honor of their idol. The competition for the best design was won by one of the most famous sculptors of the 19th and 20th centuries, D. C. French, based on a photograph taken by G. Bacon. The construction of the complex took place in 1914-22, the long-awaited monument was opened in the presence of 50 thousand people.

What to watch

The dimensions of the pantheon are impressive – the width is 56 m, the height is 57 m, the appearance is similar to the famous Athenian Parthenon. Along the perimeter, it is surrounded by a white marble colonnade of 36 columns: such was the number of North American states at the time of the construction of the memorial. The names of these and the later annexed states are carved on the walls of the complex, and Hawaii and Alaska – when approaching it.

In the center of the hall with open walls is a 6-meter monument seated in the presidential chair facing the Washington Column and the Capitol building.

Visually, it seems that the statue is carved from a single block of marble, in fact, it is composed of several pieces of stone, perfectly fitted to each other.

Two of the President’s most famous speeches are engraved on huge stone slabs inside the complex. One of them was addressed to the American people at the inauguration of a new presidential term in 1865. Another he delivered in 1963 at the opening of the military cemetery in Gettysburg: in this town the battle that brought victory to the northerners in the Civil War against the Confederates from the south took place. This speech, lasting only two minutes, on the principles of equal rights of the population and the unity of the United States, became one of the most significant addresses of the President. The engravings on the walls of the memorial illustrate the symbols of people’s freedom from slavery and justice, proclaimed by the great reformer.

Practical Information

Address: Washington, Lincoln Memorial Cir NW, 2.

Travel by bus: No. 31, 32, 39 or 80. Opening hours: around the clock, seven days a week. Free admission.

Mall and memorial parks

Mall and Memorial Parks (Washington, USA) — expositions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, official website.

Perhaps one of the many reasons to visit Washington DC is the city’s rich collection of national and private museums. Most of the exhibits and works of art found shelter in the historic center of the US capital, on the National Mall.

After numerous excursions, you always want to relax and just take a walk along the streets of the city, or better, along the alleys of the park. However, you can combine business with pleasure and get acquainted with several more sights during the promenade.

In the very heart of Washington, there is a luxurious square surrounded by museums – the National Mall. The most famous memorials, monuments and other monuments are located on the territory of this large park.

In the very heart of Washington, there is a luxurious square surrounded by museums – the National Mall. The most famous memorials, monuments and other monuments are located on the territory of this large park. For example, on the territory of the Mall rises a marble obelisk dedicated to the memory of George Washington, the first president of the United States, and not far from it stands the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Building with a large sculpture of the president inside.

These two monuments testify to the strength of the spirit of American patriotism. Between these two sights is the snow-white National Memorial of the Second World War. In addition to it, there are other memorial structures in the park – the name of the veterans of the First World War, as well as battles in Korea and Vietnam. There are also memorials to Presidents Jefferson and Roosevelt, as well as Martin Luther King, a fighter for the rights of blacks. The latter is the most modern monument of all located in the park – it was opened by Barack Obama in the summer of 2011. Most of Washington’s museums are also located on the territory of the Mall, so this memorial park can be safely called a favorite place for tourists from all over the world.

Address: Washington, National Mall.

Lincoln Memorial

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