Joaquim VergéS Launches The Update That Allows New Users to Use Falcon Pro

Seems that the soap opera between the French programmer Joaquim Vergés, creator of Falcon Pro, and Twittter has come at a time of peace that can again sell the application as normal. Joaquim has decided to cut by the healthy to be able to continue selling its Twitter client, which until recently not allowed to use it to new users.

The way of doing this has been cut by the sound. Update 1.6.7 Deletes the account that has the application, it checks the license purchase of Google Play and forced to again enter your Twitter credentials in order to use it, but the key of this update is that it eliminates the token that was used and introduces a new one. This is possible since there is no new application users for the price of €100, which, inter alia, temporarily dissuades potential buyers.

But despite the limit of 100,000 tokens remain, they are tokens that are used from a revised version of the application, which is the basis of this update. So, within a couple of days old tokens not updated to the new version will be of people who have not obtained it legally or not is an active user of the same, which will stop working.

This measure aims to release more than half of the tokens, which would allow it to continue selling the application, already at a price of €1.49, without complaints that does not work. One of the reasons for Twitter for those who do not give more tokens is because they did not consider that it had serious developments in relation to their official app for Android.

While he managed to solve the problem of more or less ingenious and effective way, it might have to re-do this process within a few months, or even doing so not ensure that it will work again. Neither solves the basic problem, which are the limitations of the Twitter API, being 100,000 users relatively few when an application becomes popular. We will see in a few days if everything returns to calm.