IOS 5 Incorporates Non-Secure Calls Alerts

Not secure.

The mobile phone network you’re using is not encrypted. This call can be intercepted by unauthorized listeners.

If this function is enabled when iOS 5 displayed formally as an upgrade for Apple mobile terminals, when you make a call the system will alert us if our operator’s network is encrypted. Of course, this encoding process is carried out at the moment which is established the connection between your phone and the corresponding Tower. A problem in the infrastructure of mobile networks in some countries, which already have echoed some of the media and that, it seems, our country is not exempt.

Despite the criticism suffered about the notorious adaptation of ideas of his direct rivals in the market, iOS 5 no longer news by news that every day the developers are discovered among the top 10 that were presented during the last WWDC 2011 in San Francisco.

Precisely this ability of the device to alert when a voice call fails to comply with certain terms of security can be useful for users of GSM mobile networks, that can be easily pirated with a false base stations able to mislead a nearby mobile device, with the sole purpose of capturing the signal of the ongoing voice call.

A fact that is not over, while little or nothing may interest a few millions of poor mortal talks, but that It highlights the lack of security that sometimes suffer from much of the communications carried out Unbeknownst to users.