Ingress, Strategies Advanced Attack and Destruction

A few (many) months ago I promised an article that came into greater depth on strategies more advanced allowing Ingress, the game augmented reality facing two sides for control of all the minds in the world.

Now that we seize the basics, here are some tricks that will give you an idea of why becomes so addictive this kind of game for spies travelers.

The background, Ingress Report

Something that separates the casual players of Ingress of the hopelessly addicted is Ingress Report, the official weekly program that tells the most important events of the game. More experienced agents are aware not only of the most important operations globally, but deep and intriguing background to the game.

Susanna Moyer and agents of the resistance

In the Report, Susanna Moyer discovers the goings of Roland Jarvis to exploit the benefits of exotic matter, enigmatic artificial intelligence plans ADA to avoid the interference of the Shapers, or the latest technological advances of Visur Technology or reports of anomalies of Transglobal Hulong.

Being attentive to the news you can help more effectively to your faction, know firsthand the novelties of the game, and even participate more actively in the history.

As this background conspiranoide can frighten many, Ingress has begun a new series of videos, Ingress Obsessed, led by two rival sisters in the game, focusing on the human side. True stories of players, and large operations seen in first person.

Attack strategies

At the time of attack sites, it is important to plan for not wasting inventory. What First, analyze the terrain. There are an only portal, or there are several in the area? Do we have sufficient arsenal? We have bins to recharge energy if necessary? And how much it going to cost to knock down the portal?

Attacking from the Center, an XMP harms all resonators simultaneously. Placing us on the Resonators, We do more damage to one smaller number of resonators. Both techniques have their advantages.

But how crucial are the mods that you have installed the portal. Today (and this changes from time to time), the shields are much more powerful than they were a few months ago. A pair of rare shields and force you to spend enough ammunition, whereas six months ago putting or not putting shields not supposed difference.

The other defensive mechanisms are the “turrets” and the “force amps”. If any of these only you have to know that we’ll need buckets in the middle of the attack if extends more than necessary. In our favour, which tend to fall soon.

If there are several concentrated portals, check out the mods of all of them, because maybe that attacking one we receive the spark of the around, and these have turrets and force amps. This would drain our energy at high speed, with the consequent waste of buckets.

Over time, it is easy to make mental estimates, just seeing the defenses of the portal.

Any other mod that has the portal, like “link amps”, “multi-hacks” or “heat sinks”, we will favor since they occupy gaps that otherwise could occupy defensive mods. Remember hacking the portal before destroying it, especially if you are high level and have multi-hacks and heat sinks.

My advice is to kill the first defensive mods. This can be done with what I call the technique of controlled blasting.

Agents of the resistance during the Interitus anomaly in Malaga

The controlled blasting

Any attack, for little damage that produces, can do a mod to be destroyed. The shields are more resistant and tend not to fall through this technique, but yes turrets and force amps. If we walk not just in time, we can make them jump before attacking.

So we move away from the portal, enough that not the spark comes but our attacks from reaching a resonator. Then we use Low level (3-5) XMPs until jump mods. Can they jump to the first attack, but can that after 50 we have not achieved anything, it is a lottery.

This technique is most interesting when there are many portals concentrated. We do a round of “destruction of mods” at the distance, and after reducing the defenses we proceed to carry out the attack, optimizing the use of our arsenal.


The ultrastrikes until not so long ago they were reserved to users of some terminals from Motorola, but are now available to all and changed their behavior. They have become rare and useless a very strategic weapon.

A ultrastrike damage is very high, but its range is ridiculous. A resonator to damage we have to situate ourselves in their physical position, but we can destroy it from a pen only. A walk with eight stops, we can come to neutralize a portal. And you know, a destroyed resonator cannot be recharged.

But the real usefulness of the ultrastrikes is to controlled blasting, because fired in the Centre of the portal have a very high end mods, including shields probability. With about five or six ultrastrikes we can eliminate four very rare shields of a portal, and then neutralize it with no more than five XMP of level 6.

And all of this without reaction time the Challenger, because notices jump when the Resonators receive damage, and a ultrastrike in the center of the portal does not usually affect them.

ADAs and Jarvis

The ADAs and the Jarvis are the rarest and most valuable weapons of Ingress. To unlike what people think newbies, Jarvis is most valuable for endurance, and ADA for the Illuminati. If what they do is to convert to the opposite faction?

Easy: because the only weapon against a portal of your camp.

And why would I want to attack a portal of my side? Ask me again when you’re about to close a 500,000 MUs field and way you a link that has created a partner of faction.

The use of ADAs and Jarvis has another very useful when it comes to reinforce a portal, using the technique known as “cycle of ADA-Jarvis”.

Cycle of ADA-Jarvis

When you use the weapon that becomes a portal to your faction (Jarvis for illuminated, ADA for resistance), the Resonators of the portal pass on your behalf. If you see one website more than one resonator of 7 or 8 on behalf of the same person, you know what to.

And if you pass it to the opposite faction? Wouldn’t make sense to have resonators of the rival side to your name, so ADA or Jarvis are, as appropriate.

At least two agents are required for ADA-Jarvis cycle. One of them may be level 7. It will be the one that lance Jarvis/ADA as an alternative to the portal, waiting for at least one hour between releases, because if not the action launched Jarvis/ADA fails.

Once the portal is on our side and with all the Resonators in the name of the player’s level 7 (including the Resonators of level 8), the other player, level 8 or higher, installs its resonators, climbing level portal. In each cycle, the portal will have one resonator of level 8, so with (large) investment and patience, two players can create a portal of level 8.

The cost is reduced with three or more players of level 8 participating. This technique allowed the resistance move an artifact from the mosque of Cordoba to Nerja, and from there to Tenerife, where eight players of level 8 was transferred to Miami.

Agents illuminated during the Helios anomaly

ADAs-Jarvis as a defensive weapon

There is a lesser-known use of the ADAs and Jarvis, and is the defensive. When the artifact was in Nerja, resistance players prepared the portal and took it to level 8 with the technique of cycles. When they were ready, an illuminated player appeared and began attacking the portal.

If fell several Resonators, the operation was going to lengthen several hours to repeat the cycle ADA/Jarvis. What did the agents of the resistance to protect the portal? Throw a Jarvis. The result, a portal that was still level 8, but that the illuminated player could not attack because it was in your same faction.

An hour later, the resistance players returned to launch an ADA and were able to complete the transfer of the artifact. If you are in range and they are attacking your farm, it is the best way to protect it.

There is another way that I consider to be most absurd wasting ADAs and Jarvis. It is not an official name, but that I give. The called…

The strategy of the imbecile

I know that with this I’m going to make negative comments, but I would lie if I said anything else. From the latin, imbecillis, IE, im-becillis, without “becillis”, which is a diminutive of baculum (staff). Which requires no cane, because it has not reached maturity. And immature is how I consider anyone who uses this technique.

We captured a portal, usually one of particular interest to the rival. We put the Resonators right in the Centre of the portal, we filled holes with the useless link amps or common shields mods, and We return to the rival by Jarvis/ADA as appropriate.

Result? A useless website that rival would have to drop after a week of waiting, or force you to use an ADA/Jarvis to pass it to the other faction, attacking it and recover it this time usefully.

Advocates of this technique, which unfortunately are more than is desirable (and I know that many are not morons), They claim that it serves to force the opponent to consume resources.

But what they don’t realize those who use this strategy is that they are those who they spend the most valuable weapon: Jarvis for resistance, ADA for the Illuminati. I.e., they do spend more rival, investing them more than what the opponent is going to lose, that you have the option of dropping the portal without spending These precious weapons.

Please do not do this. Makes you worse player and creates an unnecessary discomfort with the rival. It is not worth.

Do you know how is this possible?

Play thinking about rival

I’ve been playing in an area where my faction was in the minority. Mainly, because several players decided to join the rival faction after reading my first article on Ingress.

I was at a level higher than them. I needed level up, but that they do not rise as fast as I. What to do in this case? Play thinking of the benefit that would rival.

If I conquered a portal, I get AP each resonator, link and destroyed field. Also get them by putting the first resonator (a handful), not so much by the following, and again a little more the last.

But if I return to mount it, the opponent will receive the same score. Well, rode them with a single resonator, that gives more AP.

When the rivals attacked the portal, did not receive points for links, fields or destroy the 8 resonators. In the global computation, My action requires less effort and give more score. That Yes, at the cost of increased consumption of armament, which in my case not me was no problem because I usually have surplus inventory.

Another useful strategy in these cases is focus on portals that give greater AP to conquer them, that there are those that leave a greater number of links and fields (“anchors” in the jargon of Ingress).

To finish, There is the option of attacking and leaving less than three resonators. Thus we destroy fields and links, we receive the points for it, but rivals don’t earn points by recovering the portal.

This can also be used for end links of your own faction without losing the antiquity of a portal: leave decline six Resonators, the links disappear, and install new resonators.