If You Haven’t Received Your Galaxy S7 Not The Break, Because According to IFixit Is Almost Impossible to Repair

The new Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge are already among us in an official way, and how could it be less on Engadget already have failed to take you the glove to bring you one of our usual in-depth analysis so that you may know every detail of the new terminal Samsung star.

That Yes, we do not we have dared to sully its great design and construction to see the guts, that we leave it in the hands of experts, and usually these hands tend to be of iFixit, which has already dismantled the new S7 Galaxy and has verdict.

The new top of range of Samsung are very beautiful, no doubt, but according to iFixit finish turns them in the worst nightmare of any technical you have to open them, with a score of 3 out of 10 for both models in terms of their difficulty to be repaired.

Fix your screen is “impossible” task

The guys at iFixit have operated very carefully to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, saying after that there are several critical points when making repairs on these devices.

The first, that it is impossible to replace the USB connector without removing the panel AMOLED, which will probably destroy his Crystal or display. In fact, here is the major problem, as replace the Crystal without damaging the panel is virtually impossible, and vice versa.

In addition, the curvature of the glass makes them extremely delicate, and rear heavy-duty Glue greatly hinders access to the interior of the terminal.

That Yes, also claim that most components are modular and can be replaced independently, more than good, but access to them is a challenge.

From iFixit they claim that Samsung has been deteriorating significantly its rating of repairability, with devices becoming increasingly more complicated open and arrange to have peaked with the new Galaxy S7 IP68 certification.

In addition, indicate that the components of the new flagship Korean are good quality Thanks to its resistance to liquids, so are not expected to frequent or usual damage to devices.

Not everything could be bad news, but we recommend that you be very careful and don’t fall your brand new S7 to the ground, then repair the glass or the AMOLED panel seems to be extremely difficult.

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