Hugo by Hugo Boss Intends to Move All Spring on Contrasting Shapes and Colors

Collection Hugo by Hugo Boss spring 2013 He liked us and we have reason enough to do so. The idea of contrasting so delicate and elegant, so both textures and colors, is simply perfect. From tones very intense bones to delicate chromatic strokes in sorbets, with Trac and neutral colors. Delicate lines, silhouettes very profiled and a colors game where white has much to say and takes shape thanks to the oranges, reds, blues and blacks. Futurists finishes and fabrics of the highest quality… What more can you ask?

Sober and very refined the sets that we see. Looks dominated parts of sartorial good cutting in which prevail straight silhouettes and simple but with some distinctive clothing style detail.

Minimal air, monochromatic looks outfits that play to combine the same color in different and subtle tonal nuances (obtaining of life), as we see in the discreet outfits in blue and grey safari inspiration.

Parts that are with other more sober as the jacket or trench coats, contrast of secondary colors that do not end up drawing attention for their chromatic strength and fabrics and most futuristic finishes that transport us to a new dimension in the collection. Sophisticated and elegant, as always, not to disappoint.