Happy Mobile Improves Its Bonds Speed Reduction and More Prepaid Minutes

Users are still choosing their line to the prepayment is for the reason that it is are in luck lately. And is that after past in which operators had totally abandoned to them Lately we are seeing how they receive news, the most recent being the arrival of zero cents per minute to Suop.

And with the arrival of April the time is now for Happy Mobile, the virtual which passed from the hands of Phone House to MASMOV! L, which today introduces new enhancements in its offer prepaid. These result in the introduction of speed reduced once consumed data from national rates with bond data and the sum of more minutes to the speech and browse.

Find rates for virtual operators in prepaid does not charge for excess data tends to be a complicated task. For this reason that since mobile Happy you want to take advantage of the situation improving their rates, with the introduction of the reduction of speed to 16 kbps for 300 megs in their national rate, speaking and browse Mini and the speaking and browse.

A very high reduction, which will allow the use of applications that do not require a high speed, but that more than one user will appreciate. After the 300 megs with reduction such fees will continue billing the mega extra to 3.63 cents each. The other affects improvement rate Talk and surf, which increases from 100 to 120 minutes your bonus for the same price, 12 euros per month.

Details of the rates for mobile Happy