From Nokia Say That Apple Has Changed The Opinion of Siri on The 900 Lumia

It is a theme that we let go since it was a nice, rather than important fact for the industry, but it seems that the situation could placed a little to enter statements the other company involved in the history, Nokia.

To get in position, we all know Siri, Apple speech recognition-based intelligent system. To the question, what is the best phone? Siri was until recently that the Nokia Lumia 900 was the best-positioned. As you might expect, sites like Techmeme projected the fact all online.

Many of the replies of Siri, that works in the cloud, supposedly coming from third-party services such as Wolfram Alpha, Yelp or Google. The answer the sensitive question appears coming specifically from clients average compiled by Wolfram Alpha (in turn are taken from BestBuy and other relevant sites).

Response giving Siri on the matter has changed, so many gave to understand that Apple would have made an issue in possible answers. A representative of Nokia, Tracey Postill, in the Sydney Morning Herald, said that Apple had replaced the response:

“Apple positioned to Siri as an intelligent system that is there to help, but if you don’t like the response, overwrite it.”

Nokia has not hesitated to point the finger, without taking into account that information may come from third parties, not directly from Apple. But if we are to review the sources, the number of analysis collected by Wolfram Alpha or BestBuy is too small to take the response as a decent media.

Clearly, there are many assumptions, and any change in criteria of Siri means, so the answer to the operation of the intelligent system of Apple, only the own Apple can give it.