FlashFire, Successor Spiritual Mobile ODIN, Now Available in Beta

If you are users of Samsung devices and once you’ve tested ROMs, you probably know ODIN, software that greatly facilitates the process of flashing. ChainFire once tried to bring this development to mobile so we could do it directly from there without using a computer.

This application, Mobile ODIN, will be successor soon and its name FlashFire. At the moment it is in beta but already it suggests ways to become a more complete application. At the moment, you can sign up for the beta with all that it entails, is not an application for everyone.

What can we do with Flash? Manage our ROM on Samsung and some Nexus devices as well as install a different kernel, create partitions and make backup copies. A very complete software which, as you can imagine, to use will need to be root since it engages many elements where root permissions are needed.

According to the own Chainfire, is an application that consume a lot of RAM. In fact, recommended that we not use it on devices that have little, although never specified what is the minimum but we understand that with any mobile 1 or 2 GB should be enough to do everything.

The beta is now available through the Google Group + and you can sign up to try it. Taking into account that it is a software development and committed many things on our Android personally expect to be out polishing, unless you want to run the risk of making a paperweight.