Falcon Pro Twitter Client Is Updated to Version 1.6 with Many Changes

Falcon Pro It is one of the applications that most surprised us lately. So much so, that the first post was in social networking apps without being still a full Twitter client. Today has been updated, to the version 1.6, with quite a few changes.

In what is the fourth update in less than three weeks, period that included major changes such as the inclusion of a subject clear, and still not appear the for so many mandatory support multi account, this new version is presented with big changes.

Now the user profiles have a new design, more attractive, and can select as favourite users to directly access these from the side menu. Added a profile, search for users and a recent followers counter image viewer.

You can now select users referred from tweets and direct messages, improving it with addition of search’s real name, the function create playlists silenced by keywords and right sliding menu.

Also added a preview for images uploaded, as well as the services of ascent TwitPic, YFrog and Mobypicture, as well as preview images from Flickr.

In addition to all of this, added other small enhancements and fixes, such as best slide transitions, share from other applications and slight changes in the user interface.

As you know, this application is treading very strong, although it is still long way to go. To do this, you can choose between all the coming changes to be implemented, since the page that the developer has implemented this.

Falcon Pro (for Twitter) Version 1.6

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Joaquim Vergés
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: €0.79
  • Category: Tools