Facebook Already Has Ready The First Game for Its Messaging Service: Doodle Draw

Long ago Facebook announced the games reach their messaging Messenger platform. The arrival was similar to what happened in their day with the MSN Messenger games. We can continue talking with our contacts and sometime play a sporadic game. Now, we have the first of these between us.

The social network’s Zuckerberg did not want to bet on anything especially offender in the Games debut for Messenger and its premiere has been a variation of Pictionary where one draws something and the other should know what is. Simple, unoriginal but fun Even so. In addition, the integration works really well.

A shy but successful start

When we opened Doodle Draw we will set up in the lower right corner there is a Messenger icon to indicate that it is an application for Facebook Messaging. We opened it and it will give us some themes to draw something, select it, the Scribble and then choose who want send it.

To make life a little easier to the person receiving the drawing, it will feature a series of letters in the form of tracks to figure out whatever it is that we have sent. Once resolved, the other person can do the same and send another. Thus, in the home page Doodle Draw We will have a list with all the items we have in game: that await our turn and also which still do not have been played by our friends.

Integration with Messenger is not especially aggressive Since each time you send or receive a drawing will take us a Doodle Draw. In the end applications are links among themselves where the pure messaging is not very affected with this change.

It is worth to try it? As a curiosity, and unless ye be really fond of such games deserves a look But if Facebook actually wants to position itself in this niche will have to offer something better, and no, not better with a Hangman or a billiards.

Doodle Draw for Messenger games of words

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Clay.IO
  • Download: Google Play