Evil Genius Online, One of The Best Simulators of Lairs of Villains Comes to Android

If you like simulators and bear a few years in the genre, probably know Evil Genius. A game that puts you in the role of a supervillain and his secret lair. From it, we could go by missions, extend it with better weapons and prevent turn heroes destroyed it. A heartfelt tribute to films like James Bond and one of the most attractive titles of the genre: Dungeon Keeper.

This jewel of Elixir and Sierra left a mark on many, while it was not a great success commercially. Now, the hand of Rebellion, an adaptation comes to Android with the same essence, but with a few changes. Evil Genius Online is now available for mobile and tablets but does so with a small and bitter surprise up his sleeve.

Make an adaptation so which game was perhaps not the best idea of all. The original Evil Genius had enough content and complexity to suit an Android. It made sense do something slightly different and maintain the same structure as Manager of lairs of villains with traps, rooms, and resources of all kinds. In fact, they have done that great.

Everything stays intact: we have a lot of objects and elements to make a headquarters to our liking, we can use our minions to do all kinds of tasks: build, interact with objects and try to avoid that a hero with our base. So far so good but there is a problem: Evil Genius has become a free to play.

I have nothing against the free to play but after a couple of hours playing with it gives me the feeling that It has not come in its best version. Many elements reminiscent of the times of Farmville and company: repetitive tasks to earn virtual money that we need to collect every time. If we want to accelerate the rest of processes and also to get weapons and better.

Here is where Evil Genius shows some shortcomings: the development is somewhat slow and ultimately makes us to depend too much on the money that we are getting. A bit of fluidity, we miss even if not this sub-genre has been characterized by being agile. That Yes, the integration of payments in the game is better successful in other titles and it is not as desperate as in Dungeon Keeper.

Visually the game is simple and works on any phone without a problem. It is worth to give a try, especially if you have never played the PC version since you will thus discover a gem that you will then want to enjoy in conditions on the computer. A better job, but entertaining and recommended for fans of this type of games.

Evil Genius Online Simulator

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Rebellion
  • Download: Google Play