Evasi0n7, The Jailbreak for IOS 7, Appears Surrounded by Controversy

Approximately 24 hours ago it appeared Evasi0n7, the jailbreak for iOS 7 unthetered, a highly anticipated development for all those who want to “liberate” their devices and be able to, for example, to install applications from alternative shops such as the well known Cydia.

The jailbreak was one of the day’s news, but they soon began to appear the suspicions. Some developers realized that Evasi0n7 came with certain additional elements, one of them seemed to collect user data, but all subsequently clarified.
As he explained, the evad3rs team, developers of Evasi0n7, to launch the jailbreak did also with an agreement for those devices configured in Chinese language. In those cases TaiG, a Chinese app store would be installed similar to Cydia hiding something that these developers had in mind: included cracked applications for those users.

TaiG in the eye of the storm

Also suspected that TaiG climbing information from users to its servers, but has been shown again by the Reddit community – very active these last hours in this debate – that This was not the case.

However, the developers of Evasi0n7 they do not accept this type of promotion applications pirates, although TaiG own policy-makers have said in a tweet are not a cracked app store, and that will eliminate all that detect such.

Some developers they are trying to do reverse engineering about the jailbreak to eliminate that store of applications, and one of them, @Dirk_Gently, has released a version of the jailbreak which does not install more than Cydia.

Again Geohot, and rapping makes it

The famous developer who put in check with their jailbreaks Apple seems to be back in this scene, that it was paragraph months. According to Reddit, Hotz (@tomcr00se on Twitter) – in addition to continue programming attempts to try to create a reputation as rapper – had prepared exploits who did not want to sell.

Although for the moment GeoHot has not given details about a possible own jailbreak, data users of Reddit have been collecting seem to point to that possibility, which would make evasi0n7 – whose developers have launched with something in a hurry, especially for “to be the first – It wasn’t the only launch in the coming days or weeks.