Euskaltel Also Uses TV Free Online to Attract New Customers

The market of pay-TV in Spain is suffering right now all an earthquake. Movistar TV, the platform with more users, has become with the platform satellite Canal + while Vodafone has just renewed its television offerings, because the already mounted his acquired ONO, who only had to adapt to your brand.

And service that has grown in recent times, that of Movistar, seems to have taught the way to another operator. It is Euskaltel who now, both in its offer convergent as for which only hire the fixed connection, It offers free access to six channels pay television only from smartphones or tablets.

Despite the growth in the number of subscribers to Movistar TV it is true that many of them do not pay for this service. All mergers of the operator include Yes or Yes some packages of pay-TV channels, although in its more economical mode what is included are six channels for its accessible only online, from smartphones, tablets or web browsers.

And that same strategy is that now the Millicom Basque mimics. On offer for new customers Euskaltel is including its Edonon Online for free. It is a reduced version of your service multi-device, which includes six channels: Comedy Central, DeCasa, Hollywood, Fox Life, Cosmo and Canal Cocina.

The free Online TV of Euskaltel is also available for customers not converging

In addition to the difference in the name of the channels included in the free Online TV Euskaltel and Movistar, the other point that differentiates the offer of both operators is that Basques also include this modality of television in the non-convergent offer, hiring only landline and mobile Internet connection.

So far Edonon, the name of the Online TV of Euskaltel, was only available to customers who have a form of TV with decoder, so this movement is a change of operator strategy, to attract more users to its various services.

At least It seems that there are only advantages for all parties, already that on the one hand the Millicom you’ll save decoders and their corresponding installation, while users will now have at their disposal a package of free pay-per-view channels, although their number is small and they do not have decoder.