Eroski Mobile Mimics The OMVs Rates That Work Best and Is Made with The 2 and 3 GB Cheaper

If we take a look at the results of portability of the OMVs, we see as Simyo, Lowi and Pepephone are the OMVs without fixed network that better they are working and it is precisely that Eroski mobile It has dethroned of his podium with the cheaper gigas in contract after the complete renovation of your rates.

Eroski Mobile has renovated all its offer rate which is now simple and cheap Although the road has lost some flexibility in finding a rate tailored to focus on three main types of rates.

The new rate OH that replaces the old with you and lowers the price per minute of 10 to 8 cents without establishment call but adds a monthly fee of 3 euros and no longer allows to combine it with the data credits so the only possibility to navigate will be with its default rate of 3.63 cents/MB. It is without doubt a rate worse stop after the renovation while other MVNOs have begun to commercialize new rates without establishment.

One of the aspects that could least attract Eroski mobile so far was their lack of a fee of 0 cents per minute that finally fixed with their new rates one, DUO and TRIO that has become with the 3 GB cheaper contract that places them in 15.90 euro, but has also matched the cheaper 2 GB of Pepephone by 10.90 euros while 1 GB remains at 5.90 euros, 1 euro difference with giga more cheap Hits Mobile, also with Vodafone coverage.

To end the contract rates, Eroski has greatly simplified the complexity that was naming their rates and all forms with bonds of minutes they have now been renamed rates FAN available in four versions with a widespread data even in Exchange for a somewhat higher price.

With all these improvements, Eroski also manages to position its converged offering from Amena, Oceans or Pepephone as a result of adding the ADSL for 25 euros any new rates.

With regard to the prepaid, Eroski mobile seems that it has left him in the background and will only offer the same rates of voice that so far of 3.5 cents (more 18.15 cents of establishment) or 10 cents without settlement but now It will not be possible to combine them with the data credits so for media consumption, it will be essential to look at the contract rates.

So is the offer complete Eroski mobile rates