Cheap, Colorful and Summer? You What You like Is The New Primark for Spring

Let us not delude ourselves: we all know what’s in Primark and what they can demand. But it is curious as, despite their low quality and his typecasting as signature ultra low cost, the chain strives to create different collections, with a touch of trend and very versatile garments that may well save us from some other trouble. And the collection for this Spring-summer 2013 We were pleasantly surprised already you will see why.

For this season, the prints have become a must in the collection. We find them all: floral, fruity, geometric or inspired navy. With certain Aires preppys and giving added value to the add-ins, have a series of very sporty and urban outfits in which they do not skimp on the injections of colour and at what premium above all the versatility of garments.

Inside the Cabinet find basic garments as the hoodies, jackets, and even some other varsity to complete our look college. The denim makes an appearance in the basics such as jackets or shirts but styles flat, simple, no rivets or descosidos are preferred. Keys are combined between cakes and more acidic tones that contrast between if and make a whole one bet very youthful, laid-back and cosmopolitan. That Yes, I repeat, well can clothes to last you three washes, which warns it is not traitor.