Casual, Rocker and with Much Denim: So Is The Autumn/Winter 2013 Wrangler

For a few years, Wrangler has opted for style grunge and the heritage for their collections. The Denim serves it as a canvas to express their ideas and as a result of this work are a series of looks and outfits, as we see in your collection Autumn/winter 2013, in which the informal style and rock along with those airs of urbanite and bad guy who distills, intermingle in a very subtle way and manage to capture our attention.

Fashion for every day, which flees from conventions and that in addition to bet on comfort, dress up all those who prefer a more casual touch in your day to day. That’s Wrangler.

As we see, Denim has become the means of expression of the firm. The total look in Denim can be reduced to individual parts as to the vests or jackets, not counting of course with the collection of jeans available, which besides the plain styles, we can find washed stone, faded and different cuts that include from boot cut to the slim fit.

Not only of the Denim man, lives by that commitment also, within the aesthetic heritage, by the point, present in jerseys and shirts in the collection. The synergy between these two materials is such that manages to informalize the whole, the figure at the bottom at the same time extending it in the superior coping and contrast both without losing the retro and worker that characterizes.