By Comparing The Speed of All The IPhone’s History

Since that first iPhone appeared in 2007 Apple has been contributing new models a family that has become this month to renew with the emergence of the new 5S iPhone and iPhone 5 c.

The evolution of the characteristics of these devices has been huge if we look back, with all kinds of changes to your software and your hardware. However, it is surprising to see how in some sections These differences are not so appreciable.
As demonstrated by a video produced by EverythingApplePro in which have compared all iPhone – cleaned and updated to the latest compatible version of iOS for each – incurred and for having: the original iPhone (“)2 G”) are placed to the side of the” 3g, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5 c and 5S to perform basic operations such as access to the desktop, complete shutdown, the “cold” power or some web pages load.

Although most modern models show their power in certain paragraphs, it is surprising that the first iPhone’s history is that faster shuts off all. Differences in other operations are not as clear as you might expect.

Yet it is clear that in many other sections not covered as something more heavy and demanding applications running the differences would be much more patents. With everything and with that, an interesting and revealing comparison.