BlackBerry Opening New Horizons with Its Own Platform of IoT

BlackBerry Center making war, perhaps not so much in the smartphone market – where do indeed have a couple releases recent as the Passport and the Classic – but in other fields of today. Your safety is being praised by industry and, despite their continuous losses, continue struggling to convert. Your last step, present a platform for the ‘Internet of things’, IoT (Internet of Things) fashionable in recent times.

With the simple name of BlackBerry IoT Platform, This system combines several technologies of BlackBerry to propose a new service ‘in the cloud’ that connect devices to the processor information, and display the results. Initially raised the interaction with critical devices, vehicles, industrial applications or health systems.

With the loss of interest from the former community of BlackBerry users, the Canadian company need to reform its market and are focusing on the more professional sector. The BlackBerry IoT Platform goes on that line, being a technology aimed at companies that hire services to propose them to your users. In a first phase will begin with automotive applications and related vehicles, for more later broaden the spectrum to other possibilities for energy efficiency and health.

The BlackBerry IoT Platform is initially targeted at industries that manage highly mobile, high-value resources, including the shipping and automotive markets. The platform’s asset tracking and connected car applications targeting those markets are just the first step in BlackBerry’s broad and expanding IoT strategy

With security as a flag

The main feature of the BlackBerry ecosystem is, today, Security the entire platform, and over it rests the great value of the IoT Platform. The company uses services like QNX to implement a system that they say is modular and easily scalable, to thus be able to respond to the requirements of each client almost tailor-made.

They do not determine more details. BlackBerry IoT Platform is a project for the future that he started his career at CES 2015, where his official presentation has occurred.