Bali Island, Indonesia

Bali Island, Indonesia


Bali has a large number of taxi companies. Therefore, there is no single color for taxi cars. Each company has its own color. Distinctive features of a taxi are the “TAXI” sign installed on the roof and the presence of a meter in the car. Drivers are generally disciplined and turn on the meter immediately upon boarding. If this does not happen, ask the driver to turn on the meter: “meter, pliz” (Meter, please). Taxi services in Bali are inexpensive. Payment is made by the meter, it is customary for the driver to leave a tip of 1,000 rupees. Taxi can be stopped right on the street, or you can ask to call you a car in a hotel or cafe. Please note that when calling a city taxi from a hotel, you need to say: “Taxi meter” (Taxi with meter – a taxi with a meter). Otherwise, they may call a car belonging to the hotel, which will cost a little more.

Criminal environment

The Balinese have a good disposition and are deeply religious people. Crimes and cases of theft are extremely rare on the island. Be careful in Kuta. This resort town has a lot of visitors from other islands who come to Bali to work. Not often in Kuta, but there are cases when motorcycle thieves snatch bags from tourists.

Driving a car in Bali

Driving in Bali is difficult. Don’t take your eyes off the road for a second! Although the speed limit in Bali is low, the streets are very narrow and traffic is extremely chaotic. The rules of the road are somewhat different from those adopted in Europe. For example, at some intersections it is allowed to make a near turn on a red traffic light. Unfortunately, Bali does not have a detailed road map and very few road signs, so driving a car on the island is not as pleasant as in Europe. A car with a driver will cost you $55 per day. A personal driver will save your time and nerves. For more information, please contact your guide.


Bargaining is common in Bali. If you liked something in a small Balinese shop or shop, and you asked how much it costs, feel free to divide the price named by the seller by three or even four and start haggling. Not traded in large supermarkets and shopping malls. One of the biggest malls in Kuta is Discovery Shopping Mall, Kuta. Before entering the main gate of Nusa Dua is a supermarket “Hardy’s” (Hardy’s, NusaDua). There is a supermarket “Hardy’s” (Hardy’s, Sanur) in Sanur. Large selection of fruits in the supermarket “Pepito” (Pepito, Tuban) near the airport.


Souvenirs can be bought at various tourist spots in Bali. Large selection – in Kuta, in the souvenir market at the sea Temple of Tanah Lot (Tanah Lot), as well as in Sanur. It is better to buy expensive wood products in art salons, where the wood is pre-dried so that the product does not crack during a sharp change in climate.

Art Centers

Bali is an island of art. An Indonesian proverb says, “There is an artist in every Balinese family.” Each village in Bali develops its own kind of art, which is not found anywhere else on the island, or improves some kind of craft. The most famous Art Galleries and Art Salons are located in the Principality of Ubud. The galleries contain not only works by Indonesian artists, but also artists from Europe, Japan, America and other countries and parts of the world. Art centers specialize in the arts.

Night clubs and discos

Nightlife in Bali is concentrated in Kuta. On the main street of Kuta – Legian Street (Legian Street), starting from 10 pm, visitors gather in numerous bars, clubs and discos. You can walk down the street and choose the club that you like. List of some of the most popular hangout spots in Bali: Hard Rock Café, Bounty II (Bounty Baru), Galaxy (Galaxy), M Bar Go (Embargo), Hu’u Bar (Hu Bar), Paparazzi ( Paparazzi), De Ja Vu (Deja Vu). Nightlife is much more active on Fridays and Saturdays.


Bali is a paradise for gourmets. Numerous restaurants, cafes, bars amaze with their variety. If you like spicy and spicy food, the local cuisine is for you. To try a variety of exotic Balinese cuisine – visit the restaurant “Bumbu Bali”. This is the best local restaurant. It is better to book a table in advance. If you miss more familiar food, you have many different opportunities to enjoy exquisite European dishes, masterfully prepared by chefs who have come here from all over the world. The list of the most refined restaurants rightfully tops the restaurant “Mozaic”, which is included in the prestigious list of Les Grandes Tables du Monde. The restaurant is located in Ubud, in the heart of a tropical island. You need to get from the southern resorts by car, the travel time is approximately 1-1.5 hours. You can book a car for the evening, who will take you to the restaurant and bring you back. The most “delicious” street in Bali is Oberoi Street (Jl.Oberoi). Here you can dine in French, Greek, Italian, Moroccan or Australian.

Bali Island, Indonesia

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