Attractions in Mindoro Island, Philippines

Attractions in Mindoro Island, Philippines

Sablayan. Sablayan is a friendly, tidy town located in Pandan Bay. From the tower of the lighthouse you can clearly see the sea and the beaches surrounding it. Sablayan also organizes trekking tours and motorcycle trips to the mountainous areas of Mindoro.

Pandan Island. The magical coral island of North Pandan off the coast of Sablayan covers an area of ​​​​about 30 hectares. Despite its modest size, it has everything that makes a paradise island a paradise: white sand beaches, sky blue crystal clear water, palm trees and other tropical trees on which hammocks are fixed, and a lovely resort. Those who are tired of lying on the beach simply take a surfboard and go to explore the coral reefs off Pandan Island.

San Jose. The small town of San Jose in the south of Western Mindoro is the gateway to the dive sites of the western coast of Mindoro. A group of islands with paradise beaches and noteworthy reefs is only an hour away by boat. In addition, San José is the starting point for excursions to Apo Reef.

Ilin Island. Ilin Island is located off the coast of San Jose. It is all strewn with shells, which, along with swimming, makes it tempting to walk along the beach. Many of the inhabitants of the island are shellfish divers. Ilin Island is framed by five magnificent beaches.

Ambulong Island. Covering an area of ​​3,000 hectares, Ambulong Island is also located off the coast of San José. Just behind the white-sand fringed beaches, variegated coral gardens and underwater caves sprawl – fantastic panoramas for divers and snorkelers. In addition, this island is the starting point for other dive sites in the area: Ilin Point, Baniaga Reef, Ambulong Bank, Dungan Riff, Sardins Reef and, of course, the fantastic Apo Reef.

Mountain landscapes of Mindoro. The breathtaking mountain landscape of Mindoro, with its vast foggy forests and giant mountain ranges, makes the hearts of wildlife connoisseurs and mountaineers skip a beat. It is also the birthplace of rare species of plants and animals and the habitat of the Mangyan tribe.

Mangyan tribes. Mangians are a friendly and peaceful people, living in a very secluded and secluded way, thanks to their isolation, they have preserved the traditions and rituals of their ancestors. The Mangian group of peoples includes, among others, the Iraya, Alangan and Tadvanan tribes. For a long time they lived at the expense of fishing on the coast, but now their main occupation is agriculture in the mountainous regions. Mangyans are skilled artisans, making baskets and mats from natural materials, as well as intricate decorations.

Trekking on Mindoro. The mountain peaks of Mindoro, primarily the third highest mountain in the Philippines, Alcon, reaching 2587 meters into the sky, are favorite routes for conquerors of heights. Climbing Alcon is a real challenge, only possible with an experienced guide. The ascent through the primeval tropical rainforest lasts about four days. The reward for conquering Alcón is fantastic views. The starting point for this route is Baco, a city between Puerto Galera and Calapan. There are also trekking tours to the further south of the Eaglet Bako National Park, a wildlife sanctuary home to the endangered tamarao pygmy buffalo. A little less effort from the traveler will require excursions to Lake Nauhan, a vast inland lake on the east coast. This reserve will be of interest primarily to those

Puerto Galera can be reached by a country road from Manila followed by a ferry journey. First, from the capital, on one of the many regular buses, you will need to get to the coastal city of Batangas located in the south. The trip to the port takes two and a half hours. Several ferries run daily from Batangas to Puerto Galera.
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There is also a connection with Kalapan. From Manila, Mindoro can also be reached by air: after a 45-minute journey, the plane lands in San Jose or Mamburao.

The climate

of Mindoro is divided into three climatic zones, running from west to east. In the west, six months of the year, from December to May, is the dry season. In the center of Mindoro, on a narrow strip from north to south,
a mild oceanic climate prevails. Precipitation can fall here throughout the year. The east of Mindoro, and therefore most of the eastern province, again has two seasons – a three-month drought period from March to May and a rainy season from July to September. The summer months of March, April and May are also the best time for a dive safari off Apo Reef.


Mindoro Island has a variety of charming, comfortable hotels and resorts in all price ranges.

Moving around the island

In both parts of Mindoro, colorful jeeps and tricycles, motorcycles with a side trailer are widespread. The most convenient way is to simply contact the hotel staff when planning an excursion.

Mindoro Island, Philippines

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