Apple Would Be Considering Introducing Technology on Upcoming Devices Waterproof

Our smartphone has an accident has become is a major concern for much. However, although we have all the care in the world or use a good case we all can have a slip: fall to us, which scratches us screen or worse, to go to the water.

According to HzO, a company that was showing its technology to test water at CES, they are in talks with Apple their next terminal using its technology. Possibly until the Cupertino company does not present its new smartphone in society we do not know if it will include it or not. The truth is that its technology is very interesting. Let’s see what offers.

Waterblock, It is as this system is called offers special coverage that seals phone so that no water. In fact, in the tests that were made at the CES could see how an iPhone was still running after being immersed in a water tank.

This technology only uses organic materials and it can be put to any device, contrary to other technologies such as Liquipel where does need to do a previous process. According to HzO does not add weight but, obviously, some other gram added although the difference is insubstantial.

Waterblock is not designed so let’s mobile under water, but to, If for example we falls into the pool, We can take it. In other words, protection will hold for a few hours. Although HzO is reportedly talking with Apple other companies like Samsung do not rule out insert into future models.

We will see What welcome you have from manufacturers and it becomes a benchmark within the industry. I don’t think it reaches the status of Gorilla Glass, which is one of the most expanded security technologies in mobile, but that would be interesting to they have been widespread this type of protections, although I believe that the primary concern for many are the scratches and not water.