Apple Tea Explains How to Stop Worrying about The Safety of Data in Your IPhone ICloud

Photos private actresses, models and famous singers that some hackers have stolen accessing their accounts in iCloud have put us on notice. Although most of us are not rich or famous, be sure that someone malicious can gain access to the data that we have stored in the cloud makes us feel vulnerable.

A few hours ago Engadget partners have told us that the Chinese Government has been accused by the website Great Fire of be faking iCloud identification page to get the passwords of its citizens, and, in this way, access to their data, a procedure not dissimilar to that used the hackers. So, against this background, Apple has been forced to face the music and publish a tutorial which explains to us what we must do to protect our data in iCloud.

The first thing they do in this document (if you defend you a little with English you can read it here) is to ensure that they are firmly committed to the privacy of its customers data and insist that the iCloud website is protected by a digital certificate. In this way, they remind us that if we access to iCloud and your browser shows a warning message indicating that the security certificate is not valid, we must not introduce our data from user (name and password).

If it happens this it is likely that we are accessing a website which aims to override the page’s access to iCloud original to our user data. To be sure that we are accessing the real iCloud website should verify that certificate digital, and, therefore, the connection, are safe. Check it out is very simple, and in this brief guide Apple explains how you can do it using Safari, Chrome and Firefox. At the moment only available in English and Chinese, but looking at the screenshots you can follow without difficulty because it basically only requires clicking on the icon on the left end of the address bar of the browser.