Apple Denies Any Collaboration with The NSA Spying Program on The IPhone

Massive monitoring of the NSA and spying programs continue to news, and these days we mentioned how he had discovered the program DROPOUTJEEP aimed at a specific track on the Apple iPhone.

The Cupertino company, which already had refused any collaboration with the NSA regarding the PRISM program has returned to make an official announcement on TechCrunch in which indicate that in no time they have collaborated with the NSA to create “back doors” in their products.

Apple has never worked with the NSA to create a back door in any of our products, including the iPhone. In addition, we have had no knowledge that the NSA program was oriented to our products. We care deeply about the privacy and security of our customers. Our team works continuously to make our products even more secure, and make it easy for customers who keep updated with the latest software.
When we heard that there have been attempts to undermine security of first level of Apple, we investigate in detail and take appropriate measures to protect our customers. We will continue using our resources to go ahead of malicious hackers and protect our customers from security attacks, No matter who is behind them.

DROPOUTJEEP exists, with or without the help of Apple

The discovery of the DROPOUTJEEP program indicated that the NSA needed physical access to devices when these documents were published, but also commented that a system was being developed to install the program remotely, Although it is not confirmed if this development became effective.

According to this programme, the back door would activate a sort of “switch” that would trigger the monitoring mode in which the user of an iPhone would be continuously guarded without knowing it.

Jacob Applebaum at the Chaos Communication Congress talk this expert who spoke about this program the NSA indicated that either well Apple had collaborated with the NSA, or this organization He had found vulnerabilities to take advantage of them in that sense, similarly to security holes that take advantage to get the jailbreak on Apple devices. This statement from Apple seems to want to make it clear that the only possible option is the second.